After the Harsh Summer Exam

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Timeline: After the 2nd Uninhabited Island Exam

Summary: Feeling that they cannot hide it much longer, Kiyotaka and Kei have already revealed they are dating after the results of the 2nd Island Exam. After arriving back at campus, they are now spending their summer vacation together, but it seems that it's not all fun and games.

Time of Writing: Y2V3

It was a warm day.

Right now, the school has gone into the summer vacation, so after arriving back at campus, most of the students were either resting around in their dorms, going out to the pool, or hanging out at Keyaki Mall.

Everyone was still trying to de-stress one way or another after the chaos that was the Uninhabited Island Special Exam. Not even the luxury cruise that was provided after the exam could relieve the fatigue and stress that most people had to face during the exam.

For us, in the 2nd year, it was especially more so. Not only did we have to compete with the 3rd years and 1st years, but several incidents happened on the island to the 2nd year students. 

In the end, everyone in the year was able to escape expulsion, but that didn't mean that we did so easily. In fact, at several points, several of us were in danger of expulsion. 

As a result of the chaos that was the special exam, what was apparent was that we all needed to change. Staying the way we were was no good. In all likelihood, even more cruel and grueling exams were waiting for us down the line. 

We escaped expulsion this time, but what about the next exam? Or the exam after that? What's certain after our latest special exam is that if one does not change for the better, it'll be hard to avoid being expelled when the time comes.

Academics. Physical strength. Critical thinking. The ability to adapt. These were all skills that needed to be honed in preparation for the future.

After the exam had ended and we were able to get a bit of rest, Horikita had gathered the class together and discussed the plan for the class moving forward for the rest of the summer vacation.

First, those who needed work on the physical strength such as Keisei, Ike, Airi and several of the girls would undergo a training plan co-developed by Sudou, Yosuke, Horikita, and surprisingly, Onodera. 

The goal of the training was to get their stamina and physical strength to a level where they won't be at risk in case an exam was physically oriented. These training sessions would be held by Sudou and Yosuke in the morning before they head to their clubs.

On the other hand, for those who needed to focus on the academic side, such as Ike (again), Airi (again), Inogashira, and several of the boys, they would undergo a study session either in the morning from 10 AM - 12 NN, which would be overseen by Horikita, or from 6 PM to 8 PM, which would be overseen by Yosuke and Mii-chan.

Some of our classmates had to attend both the physical training and study sessions, and while they complained at first, after they were reminded of how hard the recent special exam was, they quickly stopped.

At the very least, everyone was aware that we didn't have any points to spare to save one of them from expulsion. We wouldn't be in a position to save them if they didn't meet the cutoffs for the academic tests or special exams.

To many peoples' surprise, although he had to attend both, Ike didn't complain. In fact, he was the one working hardest on both aspects. 

The events of the special exam had changed him a lot. It seems that if he continues to apply himself properly, he'll end up becoming a core member of the class in future outdoor examinations.

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