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I really wanted to write a short story inspired from one of their songs on four, and spaces stood out to me. Hope you like it! :)



"The spaces between us
Keep getting deeper 
It’s harder to reach her
Even though I've tried

I tighten the grip on my phone, my shaky hands pressing the screen flat against my cheek, wanting to hear every word that comes out of his mouth. 

A loud sob escapes from my lips as I hear him silent on the other end, the aching in my chest growing significantly. 

"Harry?" I helplessly ask, the tears continuing the roll down my cheeks. "W-why?" I ask. 

"Ave." Harry breathes out, having a hard time explaining himself. 

"Why, Harry, why? I-I don't get it." I cry harder, my whole body shaking. "Was I n-not there for y-you? Did I not l-love you enough?" 

"It's not that, Ave."

"T-then what is it, Harry? I, I don't understand?" Silence. "Harry?!" A loud sob escapes from my lips. 

"Ave, please, please stop crying. You're making this harder for me to do."

"I love you, Harry! Why are you b-breaking up with me? Is it your p-parents, did they force you to do this?" 

"It's not them."

"Then what is it?!" I shout. 

"Ave." Harry tries to calm me down. I shake my head, hastily wiping the tears away from my face. 

"Why, Harry? Why? Just tell me why!" 

"It's hard, Ave. This relationship is so hard. You're all the way in England and I'm ten thousand miles away in Australia. Our parents won't give up, it is their personal mission to break us apart. And it's working, Ave."

"It's only working because you're letting them win, Harry! We were fine the first five months. We could still make this work." 

"It won't work, Ave. Don't you see that?"

"Yes it will, you ass! It will work! Why can't you see that?" 

"Ave, please." Harry sighs. 

"No, Harry! Don't you fucking 'please' me! You are the one who is giving up on us, you are the one who is letting our parents break us apart! You promised!" I start crying again, and this time when I do, the tears are running down twice as fast. My body is shaking, the vibration from my sobs shaking my bed. 

"I've tried, Ave. I tried so hard, but it's not working."

"Then try harder, Harry."


"Shut up! Shut up, Harry!" I say, not wanting to hear his voice right this second.

Harry follows what I say while I take a few moments to take deep breaths to try to calm myself, but it doesn't work. Thoughts and emotion swirl inside of me, my tears still running down my face. 

"You promised me, Harry." I manage to calmly say. "You promised me that you won't let them tear us apart. You, you promised that the distance between us won't affect our relationship." I raise my voice in the end, unable to hold it back. 

"I know." Harry says, sniffling. 

"Oh, don't you start crying now, you don't deserve to cry. You are the one who is giving up on us, for fuck sake's!" He doesn't reply. "So what, Harry, you're just going forget about us?"

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