Part 4

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Dear Writer,

The truth isn't always easy to hear, is it? Sometimes it's easier to believe the lie or believe what you think should be true. It's even harder when the subject is something very close to you, something personal. It would be a lie to say that my work is not personal to me. Writing is personal to almost every writer. We get attached, we watch the characters grow, we shape them into who we want them to be, and then we send them off hoping that everyone else in the world will feel the same way. But it doesn't always turn out that way. Sometimes, people don't feel the same way and they express that dislike. Or perhaps they don't express what they are feeling and it makes us writers question ourselves. Am I good enough? Is there something wrong with my writing? Should I delete it?

The answer is yes, you are good enough. Maybe there is something wrong, have a friend look at if for technical errors. And no, you shouldn't delete it. Maybe after some editing, you want to replace the chapters with the edited ones but don't delete it completely.

There's nothing you can do about a person not liking your story. It doesn't feel good, no but you can't do anything. You can perfect it and make it reach it's full potential but that's all you can do. It's the same as we are here on Wattpad with comments. I talked about getting comments that are considered "bad" last time. But that doesn't matter if you're not getting any comments, good or bad. For people like me, no comments is like gulping down a glass of vodka when you thought it was water. Yeah, not good. Those questions I mentioned earlier fly through my mind and it's all I can think about. I'm up all night, reading it, trying to figure out what went wrong but really it's not all my fault. I can put a note at the end of a chapter asking for comments, I can do this, I can do that, but it doesn't matter unless the reader wants to comment. Let me tell you though, holding a chapter until you get so many votes or comments is not a great way to get them. In all honesty, when I see that in a story I'm reading, I read no further. When writers say things like that, it makes them sound desperate. Don't be like that. You're not desperate, you're confident but don't be over confident. Be humble too and know that you have a lot to learn.

Learn and practice what you learn. The comments will come sometime. Maybe not on this chapter, maybe not on the next, but they will come sometime. Don't let the lack of comments define your writing. Work at it. That's how this works, that's how life works. Just keep going. Don't delete the story, you are good enough. Just keep working. The lack of comments doesn't matter. What matters is that you keep writing and you learn. That's what matters.

Well my friends, that is the post that was supposed to be the midweek post. I'll be posting another soon. See you guys next time!


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