As the addictive adrenaline left me, i ran through the woods as fast as i possible could because i had one objective now:  i had to get to the roads. I had a certain plan on how to get out of Forkes and that included a certain fisherman's truck.

Running through the woods, i prayed to whichever God that was listening that Jacob and his pack weren't out patrolling the areas tonight. His pack were lovely towards me, each of them like older brothers because they had seem be grow up; literally, and for that exact reason they would end up stopping me from running away.

And i had enough of these restraining people. I loved them. With my entire heart and soul, but it was time to let me go. Its not like i would be gone forever. With that thought it got me thinking about my father and i began to stress about this escape. 

What if my father had recently been snooping in my mind? Would this whole plan be chopped  before i even got it started?

Continuing on the subject of family, i ,also, began to think about how my family would react when they didn't find me in my bedroom, i imagined my mother doing what ever it took to find me. She'd probably call up Jacob to look any place that he could think of. Hmm, well that makes this whole escape way more of a possibility in my head, right?

I decided to grab my phone and listen to music. I guess if i was gonna do this selfish slightly crazy trip to NYC i couldn't worry about the consequences. Its all or nothing. I'm definintely referring to the "all" part right now!

Listening to some Florence + The Machine, i picked up some pace and before i knew it i was on the right road. The road which led out of Forkes. And thankfully there was no figure that resembled one of my family members. 

Looking at my cellphone, i was about 2 minutes away from the truck that took trades around the country, one of the stops would be New York. The only other issue was i think the tuck specialized in the trade Lovely smells is definitely what i expected then? I mentally chuckled to my own sarcasm. Thank God i had brung deodorante.

Counting to 60, i began to feel asthough i was on the tip of a great adveture. My stomach had the feeling of excitment brewing and my legs and arms were figdting with energy.

Unfortunately, this quickly changed to fear as i heard rustling come from the bushy wood behind me. I tried to focus on my abilities of smell. As a half immortal, and now a fully grown one, everything was enhanced.

Dammit! I smelt wet dog. A certain type of wet dog aswell.

It was Jacob.

And the truck had just came down the road.

I had to move my ass right now if i wanted to see those bright lights of NY!

As the cries of an impatient wolf arrived, the truck went past me, and time went into slow motion. The urgent rustling of bushes and trees came awfully close to me, i ran after the truck and threw my bag on the empty backside of it. Then as i heard the breaking of branches and a louder wolf cry, i let go of all fear and jumped! As i moved in the air, the wolf cry got awfully louder, i just hoped the driver would be the type to listen to the radio. Hitting the truck with a quick thud, i landed right next to my bag and the truck hadn't immediately braked. I was on my way, i thought with a smile.

But there was still my werewolf watching me across the road.

I didn't immediately feel the smell of fish, as all i could do was stare into the hairy werewolf's eyes that looked at me like i was a diamond that had just been crushed. Slowly and slowly his figure becam smaller but his beaming eyes that look almost tearful remained in my head. God, i felt as if i tore up his heart in that moment and in a sense...tore up my own heart in the process. What was worse is that he didn't exactly try to come after me, he was fixed in that position because i guess he knew. He knew that i truly wanted to leave. He knew i wanted to leave him.