» 27th of March, 2014 «

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Dear Calum,

I hope you were joking. You were joking, right?

I stick to my original statement: you're cute. :-) I'm going to put your photo up somewhere on my wall, if I find space. This is an achievement! I knew I'd get you to send me a recent one somehow ;-)

To thank you, I sent you one of Mikey and I from late last year. It was on his birthday (duh), which is in November. I know you probably don't care, but I really like sharing photos. I'm not sure why. It makes this all so much more personal, you know?

About the mainstream music thing... There is some that isn't too bad. I'm not going to say I love mainstream music, because for the most part, I agree with you. But there are a few songs that are pretty catchy... Not to mention, I have the biggest crush ever on Taylor Swift. Come on, who doesn't?!

Hey, so do you play an instrument? You never mentioned it. Oh, and I never answered you. No, sadly, I'm not in a band. I'd love to be in one, though! Mikey, Ash and I jam sometimes when we're bored, since Ash plays the drums and Mikey also plays guitar. I think Ash can play bass and guitar too, but drums are his "true love," he says. He also says he could never love someone as much as he loves his drums, and honestly, I believe him.


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