Chapter 1

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-Harry Point of View-

Do you know what really sucks? Being frustrated. Frustrated in college cause you're stressed out with Exams. Paying your college fee. Friends. Girlfriends! But since I'm gay, I focus more on use keeping my eyes up in the locker rooms. But almost everyone I meet, assumes I am straight. And its a little strange. Girls have asked me out. Actually a lot of girls think I'm fit But since I'm 'openly gay'. Yeah I get roughed up a bit around here? Here being college of course. Its a good school. My roommate, Liam, he's a Nice guy. He's gay to, but closet gay. Liam will stick up for me no matter what. Sounds like I'm a weakling but, Liam is that type of person that doesn't put up with any bullshit from anyone. Especially people who call me a 'faggot' or 'homo' or whatever names they choose to taunt me with each day. And honestly, I can stand up for myself. But lets see who's more intimidating. The 5 foot 10 gay kid or the 5 foot 10 basketball star with 4 tattoos, massive muscles, and abs girls drool over every time his shirt raises when he stretches. Yeah Liam's quite the catch with girls. Too bad he prefers his own gender. But that's not the point.

"Hey Hazza." Liam greeted walking into the dorm lounge. His skin was slick with sweat and his t-shirt clung to his stomach and back, his bag over his shoulder. He had just come back form tonight's basketball practice. I've just about got his schedule down now. He toppled down onto the sofa beside me, a smile spread on my face at his presence.

"Hey Li, how was practice?" I quizzed turning my attention from my phone, to him. He sighed.

"Not very good. Mostly drills today. Game on Friday. Kinda pissed." Liam mumbled the last bit under his breath.

"Why's that Li?" I asked him. He rubbed the back of his neck and coughed awkwardly to clear his throat.

"That kid Ryan is just an arse. He doesn't know how to leave you alone. With or without you." Liam muttered. He crossed his arms over his chest and set his feet up on the coffee table. I frowned and my heart sunk. Ryan is a, pardon my French, but pretty fucking Homophobic . He's been virtually-actually not virtually, definitely torturing me ever since I came out. He's more into wanting to punch my face in then anything else. Sometimes I think I can take him. But usually, Liam is there to talk me out of it because, lets face it. The kid was like Liam. Broad build, bulging biceps and all scowl and insults. I wouldn't stand a chance. I've seen him lift weights in the gym, seen him lap the fields. Everything. Liam says Ryan just wants to bring me down, but I won't let that happen. I put on a brave face each day. No matter how much it sucks.

"Oh." I mumbled. "I feel like maybe if I toughen up or something he'll leave me be." I confessed with a sigh. Liam shook his head.

"Don't try to change your image for someone else Haz."

"Well maybe just a tattoo or something then. I've always wanted one." He shrugged and his hand grazed my thigh in effort to make me feel better. "Liam, you're closet, remember?" I reminded with a cheeky grin. All teeth and dimples. He chuckled.

"Yeah I know. But you usually laugh or smile or giggle or something. You're really sad aren't you?" He asked. I shrugged and pulled my legs up indian style on the sofa. "Awe Hazza! You know I love you." He said, wrapping his arm around my shoulder and pulling me to his sweaty chest. I laughed lightly at his actions, but cleared my throat and let him in. He always knows if something's up. I'm like glass around him. See straight through.

"Sometimes its too much, you know?" I told Liam. Liam's hand ruffled my curls, before he pulled me up off the couch with him.

"Come on, lets go out to dinner. My treat. I'll take you to Anna's! I know how much you love their food." He grinned. I gave a sheepish smile.

"Can we stay for dessert too?" I asked. He rolled his eyes and pulled me out the lounge.

"Whatever puts a smile on those pretty little lips girls fan girl for." He laughed.

"Too bad he plays for the same team." A deep voice interrupted. My stomach flipped.

Of course, It was Ryan

"Leave me alone." I mumbled as he approached us. Gang bustling behind him. Great. Even better

"What's wrong faggot? Your little body guard gonna protect you today, or are you still gonna be a pussy?" He snickered. I let out a whimper.

"Leave Haz alone you, fucking prick." Liam growled at him. Ryan twisted to him and practically was nose to nose up in Liam's face. "Please don't fight. Please, Please Liam use your common sense right now, not your fists." I thought

"Make me cunt."

"Wow Li! Look at the time! Let's go!" I interjected, quick to pull the enraged boys apart.


-Louis Point of View-

"Nialler we're closing up" I called out to him after the last client left. He was strumming his guitar. A Beautiful cherry acoustic. Always gave the parlour good vibes.

Niall and I owned a tattoo parlour. I was main artist though. Niall did tattoos too, mostly piercings. But he was done for the day, and we had no walk ins this late. Usually when he's done for the day, he'll break out his guitar and play a couple songs. Sometimes he'll sing to each song. Personally, I think he has a career in more then inking bodies and putting rings through people's skin, but we both love our jobs.

So I bet your thinking "Are you both coated in tattoos with piercings all over your faces and eyeliner?" Gonna be straight up, I am. Niall has ear stretchers, and so do I. Not massive ones, but noticeable. But we don't have the stretchers that you can see through. Just little black white or cartoony gauges. We wear eyeliner, sometimes. Mostly me. We both have sleeves and piercings. I have way more tattoos though. He has sleeves, but nothing really besides that and a neck piece. He's got a lip ring he wears on some days. I have snake bites, a lip, hipbone, an eyebrow. I have them all. but for my mums sake, I stopped. Literally, my little sisters just stare at me sometimes. Count up my tattoos. I'm not gonna change myself for the fact my mum doesn't except me socially or whatever, that I won't do. But I love my mum, and I want her to be happy. Both Nialler and I love our families loads, even with our inky appearance.

"Alright Lou" Niall replied. I locked up all our tattoo guns and ink that I had just used. Tossed a few needles and wiped down the surfaces. Easy clean up routine. Niall came up to me, his guitar in his hand, and our jackets on his arm.

"You hungry mate?" I asked. Our stomachs rumbled on queue.

" Wanna dine at Anna's? She's open for another hour." Niall suggested. I nodded.

"Sounds like a plan." We locked up the shop quickly and turned off the fluorescent lights outside blinking "Tattoo." , then Niall and I began our brisk walk to Anna's a block or two down the road.


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