16. What's wrong with Kim Taehyung?

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The day went by and Taehyung didn't come out of his room, even for dinner. Areum expected him to come out for breakfast the next morning but no, he still didn't come out. This time he took Jin's advice very seriously because of course, he loves his bangs too much.

Areum was dying to apologize to him. She didn't want to hurt him. If she knew how weak Taehyung has become; she'd never have attempted anything like this. She just didn't want Saeyon to get any wrong idea of him.

Since he packed himself up, she decided to visit his room after a very long argument with her own mind. The door to his room was slightly open, she knocked on it and the voice from inside told her to come in.

He was resting on his bed flipping through a book but sat up seeing Areum at his door, resting his back on the headrest of the bed.
Areum didn't know how to start a conversation with him after what happened between them. She was sure that after what happened he would not even like to be in the same room with her let alone be friends with her. She still remembers the coldness in his words when he said that whatever happens to him doesn't concern her. He would rather fight till his last breath than telling her to stop or even help him. So she just stood there for a moment scratching her right ear which was turning red and itchy out of embarrassment.

Taehyung sat there with a straight face showing no emotions and Areum felt the pressure when the awkwardness was becoming more intense. After a moment which felt like hours to Areum, he patted the spot on his side to tell her to sit so she did obediently.

"What brings you here up all the way?"

She cleared her throat and asked, "How are you now?".

He was trying hard to hold his laughter. Seeing Areum like this was so new and he felt like teasing her more, "still bad...it hurts---A LOT....all thanks to you" he said making his face straight again.

She panicked as she didn't expect him to still be in a bad condition, "Oh my god! I'm so sorry!! where does it hurt? Should I call Jin? Just wait a-". He couldn't hold in and started laughing. She looked at him, puzzled not remembering if she ever hit him in the head for him to go crazy like that.

"I was just messing with you. I'm alright now, just taking some rest" he pulled her hair earning a groan from her.

"It's not funny!" She was serious.

Areum finally gathered her courage as the mood lightened in the room, "I'm really sorry, I shouldn't have done this. I didn't know you were this weak. I was just trying to verify although I thought of asking you directly but I knew you'd never tell me so I-"

"Heeeyy! I'm not weak--what makes you think I'm weak" Taehyung abruptly spoke in the middle.

Areum looked at him with no expressions, "Nothing. Not even you coughing out blood".

Taehyung paused for a moment and said, "I wasn't in the mood to fight that day". Nice lie.

"Yeah, of course, that's why you fell with a simple punch" she nodded at his stupid answer.

"I was doing a simple gravity check!"

"Well hello, Sir Newton!". She sighed at his yet another stupid answer, "You know what, If you had met me on a battleground as an enemy I'd have very easily killed you in such a weak state of yours".

Teahyung smacked the back of her head, "Stop showing off".

"Ouch!" Areum winced rubbing her head. "How I wish my burning power affected you as well not just Yoongi and Yoona".

Taehyung chuckled at her, ignoring her wish he said, "I'm actually quite good at martial arts but let's just say I'm going through some rough days."

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