15. A New Feeling

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"I-i think that T-taehyung is ..... " She doesn't know what to say she bit her bottom lip in nervousness.

"Did he do something? Is he forcing you to do something? Just tell me! Wait did he drink from you forcefully again without telling anyone? Just tell me, yes, and I'll kill him even without my sword I swear! That bastard is not getting away with this today" Anger was clear in her voice. She got up and was about to make her move Saeyon grabbed her hand making her stop.

"NO!! He didn't! Please sit down. Listen to me first!"

"No, don't be afraid of him. I am not gonna spare him today. Monsters like him can never understand how important human life is. Just wait and I will-"

"He is changing!" Saeyon said cutting Areum in the middle.

"Sorry? what? " Areum thought she heard something wrong.

"He is changing himself." She repeated.

"Can you please-"

"You heard right, don't make me repeat the same thing again." She said. Areum still couldn't believe that.

"Don't fall into his trap... I have seen the change and he is just being a flirt and tease nothing else. " Areum was still not convinced.

"First listen to me!" Saeyon looked at her and she nodded. She told her everything, how she saw him taking some medicine which Jin made and reminded her that he never drank from her after the last time. She told her everything in detail.

"So he didn't even ask for your blood after that?" Areum asked and she shook her head as a no.

"Did Jin ever take blood from you? Maybe he  gave it to Taehyung later?" She asked again and she shook her head as no.

"He is relying on some kind of medicine and it has been affecting his health also but still he didn't ask for my blood. " Saeyon said. "I don't know the reason either but he is changing." She continued.

"Don't worry! I'll verify." Areum put her hand on her shoulder and got up.


*In the afternoon *

Saeyon was helping Jin in his lab. She helped him with boiling herbs and also grinding them since she wanted to know about what kind of medicine he was giving Taehyung. But she didn't know how to ask. Even if she asked, he will never tell her.

Areum was in search of Taehyung but neither Taehyung nor Yoongi were in the house ever since that elf left. Not that she cared where Yoongi was.
"Where's everyone, Jin?" Areum asked for everyone so she doesn't sound suspicious.

"Ammm... I guess they both might be in their outhouses. They have some work there." Jin replied still busy with his medicines.

 Areum nodded and left the house in search of Taehyung's outhouse but she doesn't even know in what direction she should go. She never knew that they might even have outhouses here. She was wandering around until her eyes fell upon a particular path that was leading out.

She decided to take the path hoping it might lead to him but she saw a figure coming in her way. She squinted and it was non-other than Taehyung. She looked at him with farrowed eyebrows as his clothes were stained with... Color?

"I need your help." She said before he could say anything. He just nodded and followed her till the tree where the knife was stuck where they both were practicing.

"Pull out the knife." It was more like an order rather than a request but he just set aside the thought and wrapped his fingers around the knife in the tree. He applied some force but the knife was deep inside, applied more force but the knife didn't even move a centimeter and in addition, his strength was not supporting him either. He didn't want to look weak in front of her. He pushed the tree with his one leg to apply more force and tried to pull out the knife but in the end, he fell down on the ground exhausted.

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