14. An Invitation

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It was another beautiful sunny day at the breathtaking manor but not for the girls, it's not that anyone tortured them but they were captives, it is tough to be happy and enjoy when you have the constant threat to your life. Not that they were trying to kill them but the future is uncertain for them.

If Jin, Yoongi, or Taehyung wanted to kill them, they had plenty of chances in all of these weeks but any reliance upon the will of these people would be stupidity so Areum kept on trying to find ways to escape. But making a solid plan was tough as the experience of one failed plan wasn't very good and they were two to escape.

She'd roam around in the manor to take mental note of the structure and come up with a plan but it'd fail in her head when thinking about possibilities. For now, it was more important to stay alive and wait for the right time and a solid plan, any rash plan could lead them to more troubles.

When there's life, there's hope.

After taking a trip into the gardens girls came back into the manor, exhausted.

"You can't stay put at one place for long, can you?" Jin's voice sounded from somewhere but he couldn't be seen as the girls scanned the main hall they were sitting in.

"Hello Mr. invisible," said Areum.
Jin laughed from behind a pillar. He came into the view, dragging a sack of herbs to somewhere.
Saeyon asked, "Where are you taking it to?"
"To my lab, obviously" Jin shrugged.

Jin often spends a lot of time in his laboratory in the manor, experimenting on lotions and potions and his brand new secret medicine that he is giving Taehyung to compensate for blood. Girls knew that Jin has some talent in medicine but they didn't know how capable he is.
They went "ooh" in unison to the response of Jin's obvious answer.

Saeyon was eager to ask him what kind of medicine he was working on since she last saw him giving Taehyung something and she guesses Jin is the one who helped Taehyung living without her blood. She curiously looked at Jin.

"You love working on medicines?" She asked following him to his lab. Areum also joined them. Jin didn't mind having some company so he replied while walking.
"Hmm.... Well, it's my profession. I got it from my mom! She was an expert!"

"She must have been amazing because you are great at what you do, you know!"

"She was!" Jin smiled at the memory of his mother. It was sad knowing she was not there with them for taking care of them but instead of being sad he always smiles at the happy memories he has of her. Saeyun noticed that she made him sad. She felt guilty. She just wanted to carry on the conversation somehow but in the process, she hurt his feelings.

"Sorry!" She said. Jin looked at her and understood that she was feeling guilty.

"It's okay! I don't feel sad anymore, all are happy memories"

"You were looking ugly in that face of yours. Had anyone told you this before?" Areum commented to make the atmosphere light.

"Ohhh please! This is a worldwide handsome face you know! No one can resist this" he said and smirked playfully. And Areum just rolled her eyes.

"May I have the honor to take this beautiful lady out for a dinner?" He asked in a husky voice. He acted like he was the prince of the kingdom and Areum the princess.

"I would rather like home delivery!"

"Hahaha!" Saeyon laughed like there was a funny drama playing in front of her.

"Ouch... That hurt!" Jin said acting hurt putting his hand on his heart.

He started emptying out the herbs from the sack into the containers.

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