✨Ayato Yuri✨

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"Well, i will choose yuri first!" And smiled

"Why him?" Tamura pouted

"Because he helped me after you fucking broke me."

"......WHATEVER!" He stormed off

The rest of them but yuri went off

"So wahtch dow fwist?(So what you wanna do first?)" He asked

"I wanna play games!" You exclaimed.

He nodded then you went behind him and jumped on his back forcing to let him give you a piggy back ride.

"Go go!"

You can hear a small chuckle from him as he started walking around.

After a few games you happen to run into one of the clubs clients.

"Well well well, what do we have here?~" the male said

Y/N looked pissed while yuri was at his normal resting face.

"If you dont mind, I would like to make a appointment with Y/N~" he said shocking Y/N

"B-but your appointment with yuri is tomorrow!" Y/N exclaimed

"Well, it was suppose to be today you see? So i will just take yuri now, then you tomorrow~" he said with a evil smirk.

Y/N got off yuri's back you looked down. She started laughing for no reason what so ever making the two males confused.

Y/N Walked up to the male and grabbed his ear.

"Listen here whore..its my birthday and im not going to but up with your shit. So you should leave us alone or else.." she said

"Or else what huh pipsqueak" he looked annoyed but pissed

"Well..." y/n put a knife up to his throat, having emotionless eyes that can send a whole crowd chills down their spines(hey that rhymed). "I will just have to kill you"

A moment of silence appeared throughout the three. Y/N backed away causing the male to run away.

"Now then! Lets go to that game!" Y/N said pointing to a game acting like nothing happened.

Time skip
Your POV

"Im going to get cotton candy, do you want to come?" I ask yuri, only giving a head shake saying no in response.

"Ok make sure you stay their or at that bench!" I skip away.

"Man where is that cotton candy stand.." I mumble to myself annoyed.

I look around and spot it then run towards it. As soon as I got the treat rushed back over to the spot Only to see Yuri nowhere. "Where is he?" Pushing myself looking around.

After a while of walking around i decided to go look in the camp grounds of the fair. I look around in the tents and something shocked me..I couldn't help but get mad, sad, but why?.

"AYO YURI WTF?!?!" I yelled scaring both of the males.

"YOU BETTER STOP BEFORE I KILL BOTH OF YOU!" I yells stepping away from the tent.

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