Ch 11 || Halloween

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And so, days turned into weeks, which turned into months, which turned into years, which turned int-

...Oops I got carried away. Anyway, a month and a half later, the whole castle was buzzing with excitement over Halloween, especially the first years, who had heard about the Halloween feast from the older kids.

After what seemed like forever, 31st October finally rolled around, and the halls were filled with chatter as the last classes ended. But there was still a bunch of time to kill, since the feast starts at 7.

Aries pov

"Is it seven yet?" I asked Capricorn.


"But why is it taking soooo long?"

"It's been five minutes since class ended, be patient."

"But th-"

"Nope, stop whining." I pouted.

"Is it sev-"


"What about n-"


"How much longer?"

"A few hours." I started hopping around the corridor, bored.

"What abo-"


Cancer pov

Feast. Food. Mmmhmmm.

"Earth to Cancer, you there?" Leo snapped her fingers in front of my face.

"Oh yea, sorry."

"As I was saying, I he-" and I zoned out again, instead thinking of my beloved food. Mmmhmhmm.



"Pay attention. Anywho, so I heard t-" I, obviously zoned out again. Feast. Food. Mmmmmhhhmmm.


Sagittarius pov

We, referring to the Hufflepuff gang, decided to spend the time we had before the feast by the lake side. We were currently debating about which pair of besties is better, Me and Aqua or Antlia and Andromeda. Well Aqua and Andromeda were arguing, Antlia was looking pissed off at something, Lace and Taur were finishing up on some last minute work. I was just standing there awkwardly.

"Come on, we even finish..." Aqua looked at me expectently.

"Each others.." He prompted.

"Sssss." He made a weird hissing noise. What? Oh right, he means sentences.

"Sentences?" I said. Aqua made a triumphant sound before turning to Andro.

"That doesn't count, since you practically told him what to say next."

"oh yes, it..." Aqua looked at me again, and I sighed.

Gemini pov

I was jumping on my bed. Why? Well, it's because it's fun. And guess who though that too? Hydra. Though Delphine was looking at us as if we had fucking lost it.

"I'm going to the common room." she said, before getting up and leaving. That's when I had a brilliant idea.

"Hey, let's go too. We can play floor is lava on the couches."

"Gemini, you're a genius."

Of course, we ran into Pisces and Volans, who then decided to join us in our game of floor is lava. And to say it was chaotic is an understatement. We somehow managed to flip over a couch, break a table, and worst of all, I wasn't able to get off the floor on time. Needless to say, we got detention. Till 6:30. For playing a harmless little game. Why is the world the way it is?


Well, I hope you like my book so far lol. Comment ships and whatnot.

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