Percy slammed on the door of the Zeus cabin, and nobody came. Shoving the tip of his sword into the door, he used Riptide to pry it open. Annabeth ran to bar the door again and threw her arms around Percy. He held her close, and motioned for all of them to be silent. A sickening cackle crackled on the porch. The door burst open and the bars cracked to reveal Arachne, in a black dress with a white cobweb design. She stormed through the kids and adults and grabbed Annabeth, yanking her out of the door. Percy swung his sword, but both Arachne and Annabeth disappeared into thin air. Running out of the cabin, Percy realized that Arachne had teleported, taking Annabeth with her. The ghostly woman/spider hybrid raced to the boundary with Annabeth, escaping Jason, who sliced at Arachne with his sword. She teleported again, but this time, she didn't reappear. Jason collapsed to his knees and sighed. "They're gone," he said breathlessly. Percy swung out his sword and held it to Jason's throat.

"They're not gone." he snapped. Jason put his hands up and laughed nervously.

"Absolutely. Sure. Whatever."

Percy moved toward him, sword unmoving. Jason backed away.

"This is no laughing matter, Grace. This is important." Percy yelled. Jason put his hands up, noticeably disappointed but mostly unaffected.

"Okay, okay Jackson. I get it. We''ll try to get her back. You'll see." Jason said. Percy edged away and breathed heavily, dropping to his knees in defeat. He stared at the boundary.

"We better."


Hey all you Percabeth lovers! I'm trying really hard not to spoil the mark of athena. I'm doing a really bad job, so I might start to slip up. I recommend not reading these next few chapters unless you want me to spoil the book for you 8^}

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