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 I turned towards the sound of his voice, beckoning me forward as I pushed away, but it wasn't so easy.


                My head whipped up in his direction at the sound of my name.

                "I," I put my finger up to his mouth and he immediately silenced.

                "Don't say something you'll regret." I whispered looking away.

                He grabbed my wrist slowly and pulled my hand away from his face.

                "I could never regret this. You are the most amazing person I have ever met Adriana. You've shown me a side of life I never knew existed, you've completely opened my eyes and for that I thank you." He stopped obviously debating something internally.

                "What is it?" I asked curiously.

                "I, just, well,"

                "We're friends you can tell me anything." I grabbed his face and pulled it in my direction and suddenly I was stuck.

                From this close you could make out every detail of his face. From a far his eyes looked green, from here they were green, yes, but with flakes of blue, so magnificent it was hypnotizing. His hair was a shade of blond reminding me of a sunset, colours seemed to burst out of every possible corner, red, to brown, back to blond, natural highlights. I now truly realised what everybody saw in him, but none of that mattered. What mattered was how funny and smart he was, but at the same time he knew exactly what to say when and he always understood people in general, he understood me, and no one else ever had.

                I was falling for him. It was as plain and simple as that.

                I never had a chance to say anything though before his lips made contact with mine and I was lost forever.

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