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Chapter Ten| Leona

I find myself standing next to Dario outside his hotel room. I gulp when he pulls out his key card and opens the door.

He walks in but I stay at the entrance, nervously. He turns back round to face me and raises his eyebrows at me.

"You coming in, princess?" He questions and I purse my lips.

"What do you want?" I question, not understanding why he wants me here with him in his hotel room.

"To hang out." He simply answers and nods his head as if to tell me to come in.

I slowly walk in and hear him close the door. I look around the hotel room which looks more like a penthouse. I'm not surprised, it is his hotel after all.

I walk over to the floor to ceiling windows and see that the sun is beginning to set. The meeting was a very long one, especially with Dario next to me the whole time.

"Could we not of hung out in a public place?" I question, still staring at the amazing view.

I jump when I feel him press himself up behind me.

"Thought we could relax, order some food, you know." He leans down to whisper in my ear and I shiver.

"No funny business." I turn around to look up at his tall frame.

"No promises." He winks before stepping back and begins to undo his tie. "Relax, princess, you look scared." He lightly chuckles and I roll my eyes.

"I'm not scared." I scoff and shrug my blazer off before stepping out of my heels.

Great. Now he's even taller.

Fucking giant.

I walk over to the end of his bed which looks to be the size of a football pitch and take a seat. Dario walks over to stand in front of me and I have to crane my neck to make eye contact with him.

He reaches forward to tuck a strand of my curly hair which has fallen out of my bun. I can't help but feel the tingles from his fingers and I can feel my guard slowly begin to crumble with every caress he gives me.

It's likes he is magical and has me under some spell.

A dangerous one.

"You really are beautiful." He whispers and I have to look away from him. "Look at me." I take a deep breath and look back at him.

The words that come out of his mouth next has me frowning.

"Give in."

"What do you mean, give in?" I question and he squats down so now we are face to face.

He rests his arms on my knees and I feel my breathing start to increase.

"To us." He whispers. "Come on, baby. You can't deny the chemistry between you and I."

"Dario, no." I whisper, leaning away from him a little. "Have you just brought me here for sex?!" I stand up and move away from him, looking at him in disgust.

He stands up and shakes his head.

"Leona, no." He says in his deep voice and I sigh. "I want you, I can't deny that but what I want is for you to be yourself around me, to open up a little." He slowly makes his way towards me.

"I'm trying." I whisper and he smiles gently, nodding his head. "I really did enjoy our date yesterday, even if you did trick me." I playfully pout and he chuckles.

"And I want to take you on many more, if you'll allow me to." He tilts his head and I take a second before nodding my head. "Good girl." He winks and I find myself squeezing my thighs together.

Fuck he's hot.

And he's leaning down.

Kiss him, Leona.

Just do it.

I step up on my tip-toes and crash my lips onto his. I wrap my arms around his shoulders and he lifts me up so my legs wrap around his waist.

His tongue doesn't hesitate to dive into my mouth and I moan at how soft his lips are. He pulls away only to quickly latch his lips onto my neck.

I lean my head back and thread my fingers through his hair.

I can feel him sucking on my neck and I know he's going to leave a mark. After about a minute he pulls away and looks at my neck, smirking.

"Looks good on you." He rasps and I roll my eyes but smile.

I unwrap my legs and jump back down onto my feet.

"I'm hungry." I pout and he chuckles.


We've finished eating and now we're watching a film.

I keep glancing at Dario and I just want to jump him.

He looks so good right now.

His dress shirt is slightly unbuttoned and I can see the dark hairs on his chest as well as the silver chain around his neck.

I lick my lips.

And then I find myself straddling his lap, my skirt bunching up to my waist.

Dario's eyes widen in shock but I can feel how hard he is beneath me.

I lean down to place a soft kiss on his lips and his hands tighten.

"Princess." He whispers, looking up at me and I bite my lip. He then reaches up to fiddle with the buttons on my blouse and I know my eyes say exactly what I want right now.

"I want to please you. Let me make you feel good." He rasps.

"One night." I blurt out and he furrows his eyebrows in confusion.


"One night." I whisper breathlessly as he begins to unbutton my blouse.

"That's not going to be enough for me, baby. I need you longer than just one fucking night." He grunts. "Now let daddy please you." He says while taking his shirt off.

Oh shit.

Just as he latches his lips onto my neck the door to his hotel room swings open.

"Dario baby, I'm here!" My eyes widen at the tall blonde woman that walks in. She drops her coat to reveal her lingerie.

I pull away from him and quickly button up my shirt.

"Leona, no." He reaches out for me but I shrug him off and grab my heels.

The blonde woman looks at the two of us with wide eyes and I storm past her giving her a small smile.

I'm not angry with her. It's not her fault but the man that I was about to give myself to.


"Leona!" Dario exclaims and I spin around to face him.

"Deep down I knew you were sleazy but I thought let's give you a chance." I scoff.

"Leona, I didn't know she was just going to show up like that." I roll my eyes at his words.

"She seems familiar with you, Dario. Probably would of fucked her after I left, right?" I tilt my head and watch as his face hardens.

"No, that's not true. I don't do shit like that! Don't just assume things, Leona."

I ignore him and put my heels back on, storming over to the door. I spin round to face him one last time.

"Don't contact me again, piece of shit." His eyes widen and before he can say anything I slam the door, storming back to my own hotel room.

I am such an idiot.

.....you thought lol🥰❤️

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