~ Kathleen's POV ~ 

After what happened, I finally fell asleep. When I woke up, I saw that Mikkaela put me in my bed. I woke up with the clothes of last night. I lazily put my flowerly jumper, black leggings and my flip flops. I groaned when I saw that the windows of the living room were open, with light hitting me like I've seen the sun. 

"Hey sleepy beauty." Mikkaela said drinking a bit of her frappuccino. "Don't worry, there's three chocolate donuts and a frappuccino in the kitchen, waiting for you." my sister said, looking at what the tv was broadcasting.

I grabbed my phone, turned it on, seeing a lot of things. 24 missed calls, 33 messages and 4 sms. Most of was from Barry, Iris and Caitlin.

b: [ kate, please call me back, we need to talk ] 

b: [ it's serious please call. ]

i: [ kat, what happened at Jitter's last night?? 

i: [ it's about barry & felicity?!  ] 




Since I was not in the mood to call, see and reply these things, I blocked my phone and grabbed my phones. I started eating my donuts and my sister looks at me skeptically. "Sis, you have to answer them sometime." I glared at her, finishing my donuts. "Sometime, doesn't mean it has to be today." I answered drinking my frappuccino. 

"Look, I'm not in the mood to talk with any of them, I want to have a sister time with you since last night we didn't have... Can we please just drop it?" I said to Mikka, trying to forget the topic. She nodded, smiling at me. "So, how's life in Miami?" I asked her, seeing her eyes shine.

"Like a dream. It's so cool, people are nice, me modeling in Victoria's Secret is amazing and breath taking, I met really good people and there's this boy... " She says smiling like a little kid. "Hmmm... What's his name?" I said cheerful, forgetting for a moment the bad things. 

"Dominic. He's charming, sarcastic, funny, attractive... He works at Victoria's Secret, he takes care of the site, blogs about it. He makes me happy and alive. He asked me out and I think he's really the one." She says looking at me, with a huge grin in her face. I'm happy for her. 

"So... what did you say?" I asked her. "I said yes, duh. I'm going out next friday with him, cause' I wanted to see you." she said to me and we freaked like some stupid teenagers when your crush notices you. "I'm so happy for you." I said hugging her.

"There's only one condition. I'll go out with him if you talk with Barry. If you don't, I'm not going out with him." she says but cut me of before I could protest. "He was here, Kathleen, last night. He's so in love with you and wanted to talk with you so badly. But I said that you were sleeping, that you didn't want to talk with him. Please, forgive him. You know he's oblivious about this subject. Pretty please?" she explains, making me speachless. 

He's in love with me?? when she said that, I completely stopped hearing the rest. She waved her hands in front of me, making me stopped overthinking. "Fine. I'm talking with him tomorrow. I'm going to text him now."  I said unblocking my phone and texting him. 

me: [ whatever. jitter's. two o'clock. tomorrow. don't be late. ]

I showed the text and she smiled. "See? Happy? Now you're going to have a date with Dominic." I stated looking at her. "Let's go shopping!" Mikkaela suggested. "I buy my dress and buy you new clothes. And have launch." She said, I agreed and we went to change our clothes.

{few hours later}

We had such a great time. We talked about everything, laughed, bought a lot of things: shoes, jewelery, dress, shirts, jeans, sneakers... We ate at In' N' Out Burger, walked a little more and went home. Thank god no metahumans or any related stopped us from having a good time. It looked like she never left, Eric never happened nor Barry, it was just me and Mikkaela, two sisters having a girl time. 

I'm so proud of her. She found her reason in life: she's a stunning model from one the biggest line of clothes, she found someone who she can imagine the rest of her life with, she found something to live for. Ok, maybe I've found someone but he's no longer here. My coworkers loved Felicity more than me. Barry it's always falling for the impossible girl and when I finally think that I'm moving on, he makes my heart break. Maybe I'm overreacting, maybe I'm right, maybe he's not in love with me and I'm gonna loose two big friendship cause' Iris knows Barry longer than me, I came into their life after they became friends.

I'm terrified of what he really wants to talk about. I can't get this out of my head. If they left me, I'm gonna go back to L.A with no hesitation. I'll go back to the guys that are really my friends but it's not gonna be better than here. Did I said that I'm terrified because of this?

HEY PEOPLE, MY SWEETHEARTS. how are ya doin'? i wanted for so long to write about kathleen having family time with her sister. i just feel in need of writing this. i hope you guys like this. 

<3 <3 <3 U GUYS


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