Dimensional Gap : Chapter 2

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"Kurama are you seeing this?!" Naruto got no reply. "Oi KURAMA! Damn it!" Naruto cried out a bit. He really wanted to hear the fox's voice one last time. He had been there with him for the past seventeen years of his life.

Now he was alone, the Bijuu must've not been allowed to leave that Space Time Continuum, but it seemed like that Naruto could still feel their chakra inside his body. Speaking of chakra. His eyes shot to Madara whose literal soul was being pulled out of his mouth as a death like god was seen towering over them with a vicious face. The Death God disappeared after the soul was taken.

Then the unexpected happened. Madara's Edo Tensei body that was now crumbling into paper like objects had rushed to him and were being fused with his body. Naruto screamed out in pain as he received all of u Madara knew, felt and experienced was being tattooed and re-experienced by Naruto.

"One day Hashirama we'll be able to reach our dream" A young Madara said to an equally young Hashirama.

"It looks like we won't be able to show our guts huh?" Madara asked Hashirama as he stood by with his father and brother.

"Izuna! Hang in there" Madara said as he cried holding the body of his dying brother. "Don't worry-"

"Take my eyes Nii-sama" Izuna said as he knew he wasn't going to make it. "It's the least I can do."

Madara and Hashirama had fought for entire twenty four hours and after a final revelation, he had made peace with Hashirama. The Village Hidden in the Leaves was born.

Madara came back to life with Izanagi and was slowly making his base at Mountain Graveyard as he prepared to fuse his body with Hashirama's cells.

A final memory as Madara had died believing that he gave his plans to Obito to continue the Eye of the Moon Plan.

Another life, another planet.

In this vast multitude of the various universe, exist several universes.

Similar yet different.


The most dignifying and intelligent answer he could come up with. He saw his own reflection once more. He had light tanned skin, onyx eyes that had a bit of life in them. His face was smooth, chiseled and had handsome features. He had raven spiky hair that was a bit tame. The hair itself came down all the way to his back. He stood up and observed himself. He also felt taller for some reason. He took off his bandages and saw that his muscles were even more well developed than before and he suddenly remembered all the memories he had received. The man reached over to the lake to see his reflection once more.

"Why do I look a lot like Madara?" the man said. "I still have some features of my own. Maybe this is a genjutsu KAI!" the man said as he made the ram hand seal.

"Okay okay calm down! Maybe this is just a dream. The memories too!" the man said as he spoke with himself. "If this is a dream then the Sharingan won't appear when I channel chakra to my eyes."

The man did so and looked back at his reflection. Instead of the onyx irides, there were now two crimson orbs looking back at him. A small opaque dot was there absolutely black in color, as three tomoe surrounded it. He channeled some more chakra as they changed their shape as it shifted into three open tomoe with thick lines extending from the outer walls to the limits of his irides. (Madara's EMS.)

What made it even more surprising is that he had done it unconsciously as if it was second nature. He knew exactly how to do it. He channeled even more chakra as he felt a different sort of chakra flood his system, it wasn't his own but it felt like it was his. He looked back at the reflection, as he expected his eyes to change once more. Instead of the crimson orbs, they were light purple in color. Concentric rings formed around inside in a ripple formation. At least that is what he expected. But it didn't happen.

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