"Abigail Parker you better get your ass down here or you're gonna have to walk to school." Mom yelled. I sighed and rubbed my eyes trying to get rid of the sleep.

"I'll walk then!" I yelled back getting out of bed.

Man I hated Mondays, as every other living creature due to going back to a routine. You see I have a social life but school just interrupts it. I don't really have an interest in doing my a research paper for someone who died a good few years back... much less if they were currently making me stress over numbers.

I took my towel and walked into my bathroom. I got my hair in a bun and turned on my radio. "Good morning beautiful people from California. Going be bursting some very upbeat music for your Monday morning. That way you can get all pumped up for today." Radio dude spoke as I stripped down out of my clothes and hopped in to the shower.

After a long hour of having a shower I got out and got dressed. I got my hair on a side braid and took my stuff. I went downstairs to find mom was gone... not a surprise. I grabbed a cinnamon roll and headed outside. I got my headphones on and started to listen to my Monday playlist. The least I could do was try and get motivated for school.

I took a deep breath in as I saw the big sign with the letters Shadow Hills High School in front of me. Brace yourself for today Abigail, I thought while walking inside the prison like place.

As always it was full and a bunch of girls throwing themselves at the "hot and popular" boys. Shadow Hills was filled with girls who either wore too little or too much. There was no such thing as a normal jeans and shirt or blouse like my case, there was either crop tops and shorts or skirts or there was long sleeved shirts with jeans or long turtle like necks. Too much make up or no make up. There was no in between.

I walked up to my locker and did my combination as I hummed at the song that was currently playing. When I was about to get my books I felt someone wrap their arms around my waist making me flinch slightly. Turning around I came face to face with a boy who one could call my boyfriend.

"Hey beautiful." Cameron said kissing my cheek.

"Hello, Cam." I said turning around facing him. He kissed me and "forgot" that we were in school as his hand went up to my neck so he could kiss me better.

"Ms. Parker and Mr. William this is not a kissing booth this is a school. Now cut it off and go to class the bell will ring in 4 minutes" He said looking at his clock and walking away.

"So Abi." Cameron chuckled, taking my hand and kissing it.

"Yes Cam?" I smiled wrapping my fingers up around his.

"How would you like to talk about our future today?" He asked running a his free hand through his golden brown hair nervously. I raised an eyebrow and before I could say anything he spoke. "Like if y-you want too. I'm not saying that we should but, shouldn't we?" He asked with insecurity.

"Cam we'll talk later." I said kissing him just as the bell rang. "I'll see you around at lunch." I said flashing him a warm smile as I left for my first class.

I pursed my lips and nibbled on the inside of my lower lip. How many guys have tried to get serious with me and ended up in ruins? Many. Why would Cameron think it would be different with him? I shook my head trying to get rid of the thought before I entered the classroom and sighed.


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