I woke up and looked around, the girls were skattered everywhere. I got up and tried to make it to the door, but I tripped on Rose's hair "shit" I muttered under my breath. "JC, is that you?" Rose asked "no, its Bella. Does JC normally step on your hair?" I went downstairs and saw all the guys on the floor. they looked exactly like the girls, but the girls didn't have dried up drool on their faces, the girls had shirts on too. Let me tell you that all the guys have amazing abs. I found myself starring at Jacob. "I can't sleep when you are watching me." "Sorry. How did you know I was starring?" "I could feel it" then Jacob got up and put his shirt on. He kissed my cheek "you missed" I said. "Huh?" "You missed my lips" I responded. He hugged my waste and we both leant in. "Hello, we are all right here" Matt said interrupting us. "Maya, Matt is jelious and wants to see his girlfriend!" I screamed. Maya ran downstairs and pecked him on his cheek "your such a fucking tease" Matt said after Maya ran back upstairs. "I am sorry, I need my beauty rest." "Maya, its 2 in the afternoon."

We ate breakfast and I went upstairs to get ready. I put on my sweatshirt and sweatpants. I walked downstairs "love you too, Bella" Cam said as he walked by. I was confused, I looked down and realized that my sweatpants and sweatshirt had his logo all over them and his birthday on my ass.

I walked towards Jacob and sat on his lap. He noticed what I was wearing and threw me off playfully. "I am not touching you when your wearing that" Jacob said in disuist. I started fake crying "you (sob) don't (sob) have (sob) a clothing (sob) line (sob) at (sob) aero." "Get cam's birthday off of your ass, then I will fall for that bullshit" I quickly got up "what's with you, you don't normally swear so much." I said with consern.


I want to tell her, but I don't know how. I feel so guilty. I really like her, but I feel like if I tell her, she will hate me.


Jacob is acting really weird. I don't know what to do, I want him to tell me.

My phone was exploding with twitter, instagram, and snapchat notifications. I looked at my phone and the first one was 'look at this bitch, your boyfriend is cheating on you with a fan' I looked at twitter. I saw a picture of a total slut with 700 layers of makeup on, with her legs around Jacob's waste and her arms around his neck. Jacob's hands were cupping her face and their lips were locked, it looked like a make out session to me. I got so mad, I ran downstairs and screamed in Jacob's face. "You are a fucking asshole, go find another girl to cheat on. Make sure she's a total slut, you seem to like those girls."

I don't regret one thing I said.


Bella's words stung. I love Bella and she just crushed my heart. I knew she would find out about it. I went upstairs and knocked on the door. "Go away" I could hear her crying and I hate seeing her hurt. "I love you, Bella. I hate seeing you hurt. If you just let me explain..." She cut me off "I don't want to hear your bullshit." I then heard her blast Nat's music. Last time I checked she didn't like Teenage Dirtbag by Weatus. She always listened to Words when she was upset. I guess thats not an option. The next song that came on was I Don't Love You by My Chemical Romance she is deffenantly listening to Nat's music.

Bella's POV

I ran upstairs and started crying, I heard a knock on the door and I knew it was Jacob "Go away" I stated. I was so upset, how could he do that to me? "I love you, Bella" he just said he loved me. "I hate seeing you hurt. If you just let me explain..." I cut him off "I don't want to hear your bullshit" I started blaring Nat's music. How does a person even enjoy this. After a couple of songs I decided to do something I never thought about doing before. 

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