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Pen Your Pride

"Excuse me miss, are you lost?" A voice said shaking me. I snapped my head to the right, leaving all my thoughts behind. Next to me, a middle-aged guy in a business suit was standing there with a confused and concerned look in his eyes."Huh?" I said confused. " Well, you've been standing there and staring at the school for over 5 minutes, so I was asking if you were lost." He said cautiously. Of course, he probably thought I was crazy. But he was right, I've been staring at the school for 5 minutes, taking everything in. Taking in that I was going to make a new start. That this was my chance to start new. But no, I couldn't change my image as the rich brat. Hopefully this school doesn't judge a book by it's cover.

"Miss?" The man questioned again. Oh shoot, I zoned out again. "Yeah, I'm sorry. No, I don't need help. Thanks for asking though." I tell the man politely. " OK bye." He says going into the school. Shit, he's a teacher. Oh well.

I look at the school, taking in everything. The school building was pretty huge. Probably took more space than a football stadium. And that was just by looking at it from the front. Behind the school, I'm sure there are many fields and probably a football stadium, basketball court, many other sport things. Of course, there was the auditorium that was really big and was separate from the building. I guess I would know more once I went in. Anyways, the front of a school was pretty much like every other school except with different touches. The multiple doors to get in at the front but with a hotel door that kind of spins like the section thing. All the multiple doors were painted blue but the rotating door(let's call it that) was clear with gold lining.

There was a roof sticking out about 12 feet from the entrance which was painted purple. The wall ,where there was no posters for school events, had a red bricks style. I smiled at that, I always liked those. But above that sticking out roof, were about ten floors with those glass like walls. Right now they were blue, reflecting the clear blue sky. But it was only that part, on the right there were 2 floors and they had those windows they have in cafeterias. On top of that was a balcony about as big as a stage. The walls were bricked and had graffiti's everywhere. Huh, I liked this school.

On the other side of the entrance doors was a building that was painted pink and blue and said clubs. I'm guessing that was were the clubs were held. Good guess, I compliment myself. Yeah I'm a dork.

Ok enough gazing time to go in. I sigh and walk towards the school. Once I reach the main entrance. I take a deep breath and people push past me muttering, "sorry".After I calm myself I smile and go through the rotating door. Once I'm inside, I look inside and gasp. The view in front of me was wonderful.

The room I was in was absolutely awesome. There were lockers on the walls and the room wasn't a hallway, it was a size of a ball room. In the middle of the room, there were several couches, with kids lounging on them.

 There was a staircase and a balcony looking place, where people were chatting and such things. Suddenly a girl with blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes came on that balcony. She was wearing a yellow sundress and had on heart earrings. She was holding a mike in her hand. Cool.

"Move, bitches!' She yelled at the people hanging there.Wow, temper much?  As soon as she said those words the whole balcony thing cleared. She turned on her mike and spoke into it, "Okay y'all know who I am, but in case you got a severe memory loss, I'm Chelsea Bridge. I'll be singing "Too Cool for You," a song I wrote."

She gave a fake sweet smile and started singing.

I'm too cool for my dress

These shades don't leave my head

Everything you say is so irrelevant

You follow and I lead

You want to be like me

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