Chapter 8

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We got back to the hotel at around 1 pm the next day, and I have to hurry to the airport to catch my 3 pm flight back to JFK. I pack all my things like crazy and call the receptionist for a cab.

"I'll take you to the airport," William says.

"No, airports are too risky."

"I'll just stay in the car. We say goodbye in the car."

"No, Will. It's okay."

"You don't want me to take you?"

"It's not that... It's just..."

"You always do this, you know."

"Do what?"

"Like you'll be all over me and kiss me at night and break my heart the next morning. Why, Pamela? I get why you don't want to be with me, okay. I respect the reason that you want to protect your family. But you don't have to treat me like this. I am not made of rubber, you know. You can't lift me up one time and completely throws me back down another time. I don't just bounce back."

"Will, I'm sorry..."

"You kept saying sorry. I don't even know what you're sorry for."

"I just think that you have to stay with Kate."

"Stop it!" he shouts, "Stop doing this. If you don't want to be with me, fine, but don't tell me who I should be with. You've messed with my heart enough, okay. Just go."

"Will, please."

"Just go," he turns around and he closes the door behind him.

I sigh and pick up my luggage.



I stand lining in the immigration line and I turn my phone on. Since the jungle I have had it turned off since there was no reception anyway. So I wasn't surprised when I receive countless emails and texts. I was just scanning through them when I catch one text.

From: +614xxxx
Pamela! Hey it's Jimmy. Been trying to call but no success. Where are you?

I type a reply.
Hey. Sorry. Was in Africa for work. No reception.

He replies.
YOU'RE ALIVE!!! I want to call but my show is starting in a sec! :( Why Africa, did they discover new missionary position. Haha. Are you back in town?

I reply.
You got jokes. Yap. I'm just leaving JFK.

He doesn't reply again. His show must have started. I catch a cab and put myself comfortable while it drives me home.


I finished taking shower and was fixing myself a glass of wine when my cellphone rings.

"Hey Pam, it's Jimmy."


"Hey! I thought I'd lost you."

I chuckle, "You lost me how?"

"Isn't that what girls do when they just don't want second date, they change numbers and disappear?"

I laugh, "No, we don't do that anymore since they invented social media."

"What sort of work were you doing in Africa?"

"I had to interview someone for our next cover story. I had to do it in Sierra Leone."

"Really? Who did you interview? Head of a tribe?"

"I legally can't tell you, it is confidential until the next issue is out."

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