Chapter 15

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I woke up before my alarm could go off to the sound of water flowing out of the tap. I dragged myself out of bed and headed for the bathroom. I opened the door and found Draco, half asleep, splashing water on his face.
"Good morning" I said and made my way over to my sink to brush my teeth.
"Morning, you excited for the dance tonight ?" He asked softly
"Oh my God I completely forgot that tonight was the dance" I said mentally slapping myself "yeah I guess I'm excited. What about you?" I said putting toothpaste on my toothbrush.
"Meh, well I'm sort of excited. Astoria is like obsessed with it, she's really sweet just not my type really" he said shrugging and then followed my actions in putting toothpaste on his toothbrush. We brushed our teeth in silence and once we had finished Draco turned to me.
"What time is it again?" He asked looking down at the floor.
"How could you forget we decided the times after all, it starts at half past five" I said
"Sorry my mind was somewhere else" he said quietly and walked out of the room.
'Okay?' I thought to myself. He was acting weird, I wonder why. Or maybe I'm just overreacting.

"I am so excited!" Ginny squealed. I smiled at her enthusiasm. I had just entered the Griffindor common room to get ready for the dance with Ginny and Hermione. They took me to their room and we got started straight away.
"Hermione we should start with you first, your hair needs to meet my straightener now" I said getting my GHD out of the bag that I packed. I sectioned her hair and clamped majority of it on top of her head.
"So?" I said "who are you going with?" I asked Hermione.
She smiled shyly "Ron" she said smiling even more.
"Who's your date Ginny?" I said turning my head to look at her.
"Harry of course, and what about you Sam? Who's the lucky guy taking you?" She said with a grin.
"I'm going with Dean" I said and as soon as I said it Ginny looked at me with surprise.
"What's wrong Ginny?" I asked in confusion at the look on her face.
"Nothing it's just I used to date him, but it was a long time ago anyway. He's a sweet guy though" she said looking at me. My mouth opened slightly at her answer, I didn't know what to say.
"I'm sorry Ginny I-" I started but Ginny cut me off
"It's okay Sam seriously" she smiled genuinely. I went back to straightening Hermione's hair, it took a while to get the job done but in the end she looked amazing. Her hair was straight and she had red lipstick and gold eye shadow on. I also did Ginny's hair and makeup. Her red hair was curled and she had a smokey eyes with shocking pink lip stick.
"Thank you so much Sam it looks awesome" she said giving me a hug "it's your turn now" she said smiling brightly as she sat me down in the chair. Hermione and Ginny worked with my hair, twisting it into a braid here and tying it up there. They turned me around so there was no trace of the mirror in my sight. They stepped back and looked at their work. After a while of gawking at me Hermione raised her hand in front of her and Ginny gave her a high five.
"You know" Hermione said calmly "I think we should do this professionally"
"Me think so too" said Ginny
"Ginny your grammar is totally incorrect, it's meant to be-" Hermione said looking very professor like.
"Hermione it was a joke I know it's meant to be I think so too" she said laughing.
"Guys can I turn around now?" I asked hopefully
"Sure" they both said.
I didn't waste another second in turning around and when I did I was pleasantly surprised. I gasped at the person staring back, which had to be me. I have no idea how to describe it. It was an up style, it looked like a fish tale braid going from just above my right ear to the other side, my hair was styled in such a way so that it looked like I had a side fringe. My make up was simple, like I had requested it to be. I just had black liquid eyeliner on the top and bottom of my eyes, making the green in my eyes pop. I had a little bit of blush and light pink lip gloss was put over my lips which were hanging open.
"You guys are the best" I said getting out of my shock and went to hug them.

We got into our dresses when I realized that I had forgotten my shoes, or Ginny's shoes, in my common room. I was about to go and get them when Hermione came rushing towards me with a robe in her hands.
"Sam put this on, otherwise people will see your dress before the dance" she said. I took it, thanked her and walked to my common room hurriedly. I went up and down the winding corridors of Hogwarts, passing a few people on the way. I finally got there, muttered the password and was let in. As soon as I got in I went to my room and got the shoes and took the gown off, I carefully put them on and slowly walked out of my room, closing the door behind me.
"Dammit" I heard a voice say from left, from Draco's room. I knocked.
"Draco can I come in?" I asked
"Yeah" he said and I entered his room. He was standing in the middle of the room, hair ruffled, with pajama pants and his dress shirt on. I could see that he was struggling with his tie, he had knotted and twisted it so much that it was not even recognizable as a tie anymore. He looked up and stared at me.
"How does it look with the hair and stuff?" I asked him doing a little twirl.
"You look amazing Mantha, you really do. . .how did you get your hair like that, it looks beautiful" he said still staring at me. I was flattered but the flood of compliments that it took me a second to construct a proper sentence.
"Hermione and Ginny" I said "do you need some help with your tie?"
"Maybe just a little" he said not taking his eyes off me. I walked over to him and placed my hands on the black tie that he was wearing. I fiddled with it, to get the knot out, for a while. And the whole time I could feel a pair of eyes watching me. Finally I got the knot out and set to work on tying it now. I was skilled at this because I used to tie my fathers ties when he was still. . .
After I was done I adjusted it so it wouldn't strangle him to death.
"I've got something for you, a little present. When I saw it, I knew I had to get it for you" he whispered in my ear.
That's so sweet, I thought. I should've gotten him something, wait I think I know what I'll give him. I wanted to give this to him for Christmas but I guess I'll just get him something else for Christmas.
"I've got something for you too, I want to give you your present first" I whispered but didn't look at him. "Just wait a minute I'll go and get it" I said and exited the room. I went into my room and took out a box from under my bed. I opened it and took out my iPod and a set of earphones. I walked back to him, with the present in my hands behind my back. I stopped when I was right in front of him and smiled.
"Close your eyes and put your hand out" I said and with no hesitation he did so. I slowly put the items in his hand and while I did my fingers momentarily touched his and electricity shot up my arm. I stepped back.
"You can open you eyes now" I said and his eyes fluttered open. He gasped.
"No Mantha I can't except this, it's like your favorite thing there is no way you are going to give this to me" he said
"Draco think about it, you can never ever get one of these because they don't have them in the wizard world. Whereas me, I can get another one easily. Think of it as a way to never forget me" I said smiling.
"Okay fine, but now it's your turn to get a present, close your eyes" he said and I did so. I wandered what it could be, I would be happy with anything all that really matters is that he actually got something for me. He saw something and thought of me, just keeping that thought in my mind made me happy. I heard rustling next to me and fought the urge to open my eyes.
"Open your eyes" he said and when I did I found a blue velvet square box staring up at me. Draco opened it and there inside that box laid the most beautiful necklace. It was a choker necklace. It was a strip of black lace for the chain, and a silver pendant hung from it. Little crystals were encrusted in the tips of the lace, shining through.
"Draco that is absolutely beautiful" I said "I love it, would you put it on for me I think I'm going to wear to the dance tonight" I said
"Sure" he said, took the necklace out of the box and put the box down on his bed. He came behind me and encircled my neck with his hands. The pendant dropped down to lay on my skin, it was cold. His hands came down on my shoulders, warming me up. He turned me around to face him.
"It looks so good on you" he said smiling. I smiled back and walked over to his mirror and saw that it was indeed very good looking. I turned back to him and he looked . . .off.
"Draco are you okay?" I asked going closer to him.
"I'm fine, I just I want to ask you something" he said
"Okay? Ask me" I said stopping a few feet away.
"Come closer" he said softly. I took a step forward.
"Closer" he said. I took another.
"Closer" he whispered and I took my last step before I was so close I could hardly move any closer. My heart was racing, beating so fast even though I willed it to stop, thumping in my chest like a car hazard.
He took my hand in his, so warm and gentle. I looked at him in confusion. Looking into his deep pools of silver.
"I-" he said but then I heard a voice coming from the door of the common room.
"Dean Thomas, what might you be doing here?" I heard Snape's voice say.
"I'm here to take Sam to the dance, is she in there?" Dean said.
"I have to go" I whispered "and you should get dressed, we wouldn't want Astoria to see you in pajamas now would we" I smiled weakly and then left the room.

So I know this chapter is not my best. To be honest, I rushed it. The dance chapter was originally meant to be one but I had to split it up so I could give you amazing people something to read. Tell me what you think of the chapter and the book so far. Please tell me what I should improve on and what you're liking.

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