Chapter 7

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I woke up at 6 am and get dressed for whatever plan William has in his mind. He asked me to dress very casually, so I wear my denim shorts, white buttoned down shirt, and tie a peach scarf on my head to pair with my black aviator.

He whistles when he sees me, "I said casually, not sexily."

"That mouth got guts now, it seems," I say, "I'm impressed."

He grins, "You'll see that it is not just my mouth."

"Will, I am going to go home if you..."

"I know! I was joking," he says, "So you're ready?"

"How are we doing this?"

"I will drive," he says, "Give us some privacy."

He was taking us to a place called Lemars, where he said to be the most beautiful safari he has ever experienced in Africa. I never had him driving, so it was the first time for both of us to be in a car alone.

"So how long is this trip gonna be?"

"About 4 hours. We should get there just in time when the lions wake up."

I chuckle. "Interesting."

"I have asked the hotel to pack us some lunch, we will be having a picnic."

"With the lions?"

"If they like us, sure," he says and we giggle.

"So I get to interview you now?" I ask

"Fire away," he says.

"So what kind of woman are you looking for in a relationship?" I said while I push the recorder button on my iPhone.

"Someone like you," he says.

I panic and push the recorder button off. "Will! This recorder will serve as my notes! From time to time, my boss asks for my notes. Don't do that."

He chuckles, "Sorry."

"Repeat," I say, "Come on, if we get this thing finished I can fully enjoy the safari."


"So what kind of woman are you looking for in a relationship?"

"How would I know? I mean, I don't think I wake up every day listing characteristics I look for in a woman. I just try to live and see what's in store for me, you know."

"Fair enough," I say, "So far, do you already know what's not in store for you?"

"I've had my lessons," he says, "I have learnt that sometimes my lifestyle don't suit some women."

We look at each other. His lips curve into a smile. I decide to ignore and continue.

"Your lifestyle?"

"Well, just like other people I guess, I come with certain circumstances. Obviously with the fact that our lives are gonna be under constant spotlight and the duties as a member of Royal family."

"Why, do you see that as limitations?"

"Ummm, no... Not limitations. It's just the situation where I was born into. I still think I am very lucky, there are priviledges that come with this, like you will have the full opportunity to do good things. But with that comes great sacrifices."

"And those sacrifices affect your choice of a partner?"

"Of course. I have this picture in my head of the kind of woman I'd end up with."

"How do you picture them?"

He pause for a bit before he says, "Well... You see, I always look for the one that is different. So far when I meet women, they will adjust to who I am, like how they speak or behave... I am actually wishing for someone who is different. Who I actually want, I don't know if I can have her but I do wish that someday, she and I can go out and do the Royal stuff but when we're home and alone, we become entirely different. We become the version nobody knew. We become us...." he looks at me, "Does it make sense to you?"

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