Chapter 5

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I finished editing 2 articles before I finally switch my lights and leave the office.

I step out of the building and feel the warm air of New York immediately sprung on my face like a big, fluffy blanket. I was thinking about what to get for dinner when I see a black SUV stops right in front of me.

Out from it is Jimmy Fallon, carrying a box of pizza.

"So I know you don't want to date famous people..." he says, "But I reckon you can have a pizza with them?"

I smile.


He actually took me to his office, which has a GREAT view from the 27th of The Rockefeller. We lay out the pizza and a couple of cold beers on the floor and just have a little picnic on his carpet in front of the view.

Jimmy just spent the whole night making jokes that are making me laugh like crazy. It was like watching his show written specifically only for me.

I think Jimmy gets the feeling that I don't want to talk about myself. He did throw a couple of questions in the beginning, but my answers were very short, so he sort of gave up entirely. I really appreciate it though.

"So what's your favorite part about New York?" he asks.

"Oh many," I say, "I still love just being alone in Central Park watching people."

"Yeah me too," he says, "But do you know what I love the most?"


"The variety of it. Like if you live in L.A., you're most likely meet same people, date same people, go to the same place. But when you're in New York, you just don't know how your day is gonna turn up, or who you'll eat your pizza with. You know? It's just really exciting."

"I know what you mean. And I also like the fact that it's kind of... Evolve with you regardless. Like you can have this total meltdown with the city but then you also recover with it. It breaks you but it helps you to get back on your feet at the same time. You know what I mean?"

He takes a long look at me and he smiles. "Oh so we're going deep now."

I laugh, "I'm sure a Jimmy Fallon does not recognize meltdown in the city."

"Are you crazy? Once I woke up in Chinatown without knowing why I was there. Is that not a meltdown in the city?"

"Not if compared with my meltdown," I chuckle.

He smiles before he says, "So I googled you, right. But it's simply because I was going to find out what's your favorite pizza toppings..."

I laugh, "Yeah right."

He chuckles. "And then I knew why you don't want to date famous people."

"They gave me trouble, right?"

"But it's different, Pam. I am not a freakin' Prince of England. I don't have million girls watching my every step because there aren't million girls who want to marry me. It is totally different," he says, "I mean, I am flattered that you put me in the same league as the Prince, but really, I am no way near there. I can walk into Olive Garden and people wouldn't even notice."

"That's because people who eat in Olive Garden don't watch your shows."

He laughs, "Fair point."

"It's not about you, or a Prince, or whoever. I'm just protecting my mom, Jimmy. You have to understand."

"I totally understand. I mean, I love my mom too and I'd do anything to protect her. But I don't see how being with me would hurt your mom," he says, "Especially after what happened with that Prince."

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