Loving Apollo - The almost failed attempt of rivalry

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Days, weeks passed. I was waiting. I couldn't admit it to Bryan, to Callie, to my mother... not even to myself. But inside, deep in the abyss of my sorrow, my suffering, my insides churned at the sound of his name when people asked about him. Or when I saw places and things that reminded me of us. I never went back on the clearing where we used to hang out every after school. And even if it took me most of my morning, I walked my way to school.

However, the deepest of me was perfectly aware that I was waiting for his return. Several times, in deep desire to busy myself with everything, I went out with Bryan to everywhere he went. To every party, to every gimmicks, to everything. With Callie, it became a little less unbearable. But the pain grew intricate and desperately deeper every day and Soon, I got tired of waiting. With my patience went my hopes away. The hope of us being back together. And the hope that I wasn't some mere piece of a chess game he was playing. I started to doubt the information of a God that he said he was. Maybe he was using some magic trick to burn my hand. But that doesn't explain how he healed it, twice. Perhaps it really was a dream. A dream he rode on when I told him about it and just dragged the joke along till he grew cold and tired of me. Maybe... but I fought on. Moved forward.

I joined the track and field team and put all my anger to running and even took taekwondo for my extra-curricular. I vented all my anger to the dummies. I would think of it as Cal's face, but it would only make me cower and miss him and my feet would retrieve to what should've been a side kick. I became extra particular with my school works and I even volunteered at the children center on Sundays, of course I dragged Callie and Bryan with me.

"Would you like another cookie?" I asked the little girl who was drawing a bear that's colored pink. She nodded so I handed another chocolate chip to her.

"You're good at this." said Callie, who stood beside me, the tray of chocolate milk drink in packs in her hands.

"Not even the tiniest bit." I replied, walking to the next kid, Callie trailing behind me. "You should've seen me with the other kids a while ago."

"Yeah, I heard you were trashed in dodge ball by three nine-year olds." She said with a laugh.

"They're monsters, I swear." I said, earning another laugh from Callie. Soon, Bryan jogged his way to us. I wanted to strangle him right now. He'd been ogling the last hour picking on the children and making them run errands for him.

"So, are we up for the party at Prez tonight?" asked Bryan, stealing a cookie from my tray.

I rolled my eyes at him. "Screw you."

His lips quirked up. "That a yes?"

Callie rolled her green ones too. "That's a 'Work your ass up', Walters. You've been slacking the entire time, as how you have been the last two times we've volunteered."

He put his hands up in defense. "Hey, in my defense, I didn't want this. You two, dragged me into this. So are we up or not? I have to rsvp."

"We're up." I finally responded so that Bryan would shut up.

We went back to work in another hour, folding aprons of children used in culinary class, teaching them how to do it themselves, helping the welfare people with whatever they needed help with, and attended to things that needed attention. Soon, Callie bid her farewell since she needed to get home because her father was asking for her presence. I had to say yes because I've been acquainted with the fact that her father was a little strict of a businessman to deal with. And besides, she threatened us with the absence of her presence tonight if we didn't let her go now. Despite her being adorable, she possessed that authoritative quality in her.

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