Chapter 4

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I stepped out of the studio feeling buzzed. William? What am I gonna say to him? And more importantly, I don't think he wishes to talk to me anymore?

Should I tell Maya about what happened? No, definitely not. But I should tell someone because I need help. I need help to contact him.

More importantly, will William do Cosmo? I don't recall ever seeing him sit down for an interview in America unless it's for Barbara Walters or The Today Show.

Holy shit.

I never let Jane down. This is the reason why my career climbed up fast in 3 years, because every time Jane asks me to do something, I make it happen. She wants me to interview some soldier with a very hot body, I found the best soldier and have him stripped down only for Cosmo. She wants me to interview Jennifer Aniston to the point that she cries; I did that. A lot of people actually predict I am up for Maya's title very soon.

Oh but this one..

"Pamela!" I hear someone calling.
I turn around and I see Jimmy. He is standing with James.

"Hi!" he gives his cheerful face and takes a step forward, "Did you like the show? I'd kill myself now if you don't."

I look at James. James looks at me.
I am sure he is just as confused as me now: Why on earth is Jimmy Fallon talking to you?

"Of course I like it. I love it, actually," I smile, "Thanks for having us."
"Which joke did you like the most?"

Ok, Jimmy needs to stop talking right now. I do not want to be in a conversation with him with James around.

"Um..." I look at Jimmy, and I look at James, and back to Jimmy. "... everything."

Finally Jimmy got the message. And apparently James did too.

"Okay so I am going to leave you two," James says, "It was great meeting you again, buddy. Thanks for all this."

"Oh no problem, man. Always a pleasure."

They shake hands.

James leaves and Jimmy looks at me with his smile again. "I thought he'll never leave."

We both chuckle.

"So Pamela, I was wondering... Well actually more of a hoping, you want to have..."

And then suddenly, James came back saying, "Oh hey Jimmy just one last thing..."
... At the same time Jimmy was saying, "Dinner with me?"

James looks 100 percent awkward. The three of us look 100% awkward.

"I'm sorry," James says, at the same time with Jimmy also saying, "I'm sorry."

"I was going to ask you about doing the interview article with Larry Page. I emailed you this once."

"Oh right, right of course. I already told my agent I will do that. He'll contact your people."

"Oh that's great, thanks man."

They shake hands again and James glances quickly at me before he leaves.

"He really is a lot," Jimmy says.

I smile. We look at each other's eyes.

"So... Dinner?" he asks again.

"You mean like, the date dinner kind?"

"I mean like, the best date dinner kind of your entire life," he says.

I chuckle. This guy is actually charming.

"When?" I ask

"Right now," he says

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