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Author's Note: I have never, I repeat, never read Surviving the McLane Boys or My Life with the Walter Brothers: All Twelve of Them (or any other book with the same concept on Wattpad), though I will admit to seeing them on the What's Hot list. Neither have I read Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys by Kate Brian, though people have told me about it. I know that the idea of a girl living with multiple guys is not an original idea but the storyline and characters are (and when I started, I was one of three stories with the concept on Wattpad). Please do not just read the prologue and pass judgement. Read the whole story. Thank you.


Walter Andersen

Age: Twenty

Eye color: Blue

Hair: Sandy-brown

Michael Andersen

Age: Nineteen

Eye color: Blue

Hair: Brown

Vincent & Lucas Andersen

Age: Eighteen

Eye colors: Green & Blue

Hair: Blonde

Caleb Andersen

Age: Seventeen

Eye color: Blue

Hair: Sandy-blonde

Jacob Andersen

Age: Sixteen

Eye color: Blue

Hair: Brown

Zachary Andersen

Age: Fifteen

Eye color: Blue

Hair: Blonde

I was fifteen when my dad died in a car accident, my mother was with him—she lived, though. Sort of. She completely turned her back on the world and everything in it, including me, the daughter who took after her deceased father in every way. She shut herself off from society, locking herself in her room. I was seventeen when the State found out about her neglect and took me away. They sent me to live with my father’s college buddy, James Andersen, and his wife, Lilly Andersen. They had seven sons.

And this… this is how I survived the Andersen brothers.

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