|| Chapter 9 ||

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~ Kathleen's POV ~ 

After I got dressed, we went to Jitters by car and in the way, I talked to Mikka about what happened to me in the past month, Barry's coma, me working at S.T.A.R Labs, my feeling towards Barry... and his powers. I mean, I know that's a secret, but Mikkaela is professional at keeping them. And for the love of god, it's my sister! And that blonde that's not even from here knows Barry's powers... 

"So, let me see if I understood what you said: the particle acelerator that let Barry in coma gave him powers, he's now super fast and saving everyone, you work at S.T.A.R Labs which is the place that's helping him, this blonde girl called Felicity appeared there today and you got jealous?" Mikkaela said looking at me, making me glare at her in the end of her thought.

"Yes the most of it is right and no I'm not jealous!" I sighed "I'm just upset because that girl is not even from here and knew everything before me... Barry used to tell me everything, tell me and Iris everything..." I answered in a calm but sad tone, still looking at the road.

"Oh, I see..." she said. "You think he's replacing you?" she asked and laughed. "Trust me sis, he's not leaving you." She said making me frown.

"I-I don't understand." I retorted confused "What do you mean?" I asked finally arriving at Jitter's. "I meant... That's he's so into you!" she said smiling. "Since you guys were little, Barry liked you more than Iris. Yeah, he had a crush on Iris but he had a crush on Iris. When you and Barry started to hang out more, I could see the way he looks at you and smiles at you... It's the same way that dad looks at mom." my brunnette sister said before we got off the car. 

"Mikka... I don't think so... Let's just have a sister night ok? That means: no boys, no booze, that means no Barry or Felici-" I was trying to get off the subject before I open the doors and see Iris in a double-date with Eddie and Barry with Felicity, who was wearing sexy black dress that made me get me furious. 

"Kathleen I thin-" Mikkaela was about to say something but I exited the place before I could hear the whole sentence. Tears starts to fall down to my cheeks and before someone could see, I enter the car and waited for Mikkaela to appear. She enters the car seeing me cry like crazy. "I guess you are right." I said between sobs. 

"I think I'm in love with Barry." I admited to her, as she hugged me. "Don't worry sweetie, I'll be here to help you." She said stroking my hair with her hands. "Let me drive ok?" She said and drove me home me home.

~ Author's POV ~ 

After Kathleen finally stopped crying, Mikkaela carried her to her bed, closing the door. "Wow, I really missed some things here." She muttered to herself. She put her pjs, and went she layed in the sofa, she heard the doorbell rang. Who tell is visiting Kathleen at this time? she thought before she sees who's in the door step. 

"Oh, hi Mikka-" Barry said but she cut him off. "It's Mikkaela and Kathleen is sleeping. Goodnigh-" she said, trying to close the door but Barry stopped her. "C'mon Mikkaela! It wasn't what it looked like!" he said, trying to defend himself.

"Oh yeah? C'mon Barry... You know how Kate is. Now she thinks that you totally replaced her. Don't you dare say that she never showed feeling towards you. After Eric died, she became more protective of her feelings. But in her own way, she shows it." The brunnette retorted to Barry, who was speechless. "Do you even wander why she's still here?" she asked "Did any time crossed your mind the reason that she never came back to L.A? The place that she finally found peace, hapiness and friends?"

"Yes..." he answered shyly. "But I've never asked. Why?" he said finally looking at Mikkaela's eyes. "It's because, even having those things there... You weren't there. You weren't there to laugh, smile and hang out with her. When the hospital called her, saying that you were in a coma, she stopped everything that she was doing because of you. She got the first plane to see you. And now with your powers and these guys trying to kill you, she'll not leave your side." Mikkaela said in a serious tone. 

"I-I.... don't know what to say..." Barry answered not finding the right words. "Felicity's only my friend, nothing more than that." he said. "Well, she doesn't look like she only wants to be your friend." she retorted in a sarcastic tone. 

"Barry... If you die, not she'll won't be able to open herself again, she won't live without you. You are the best thing that ever happened to her. Eric was a good guy, yes. But he wasn't you. You need to tell her... Before she gets hurt again." Mikkaela said. "Goodnight Barry." she said closing the door.

Barry sat in front of the door, with his hand covering his mouth, he still couldn't believe what just happened. Not only he's in love with her... She's in love with him too. He mentally facepalmed himself about how he could be so stupid, that's why she left that way in the main lab.

"Don't worry Kathleen, I'll make it up to you." He said to himself. "You'll see." he said leaving the building, going back to his apartment.

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