Chapter 1

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My names Livia Brown but I'm called Liv for short, and this is my story. You could say it was like many other story's. Your typical good girl gone bad, but every phase in life has a cause, well my cause was Damon Dexter and my family. Why you ask. Well, I was known as the famous nerd of Winchester High. My parents taught I was a failure and so did my siblings. I would get beaten every day, starved for days without even water to keep me alive. But something really bad happened in this process of my life and well, you can say that was my breaking point. Let me take you back a few years ago..........


10 Years ago

Liv's POV

I was awoken by the sound of my alarm blaring in the early morning.

I groaned using my hand to turn off the deadly creature called a clock. I swiftly made my way out of bed and headed to the shower down the hall.

After showering I made my way back into my room and slipped into my outfit for school

After showering I made my way back into my room and slipped into my outfit for school

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Liv's Outfit ⬆

After changing into my outfit for school I made my way downstairs to start cooking up breakfast before my 'family' came down to eat.

While cooking breakfast I heard My 'brother' calling me then the sounds of heavy footsteps coming down the stairs.

"You bitch" I heard someone yell from behind me.

I was then pushed forward resulting in me burning my hand on the stove. I yelped out in pain and started to cry.

"Didn't I tell you to clean my room" I turned around to see Jason standing behind me smirking.

"I'm sorry I didn't want to disturb you and Bianca," I said crying out and falling to the floor.

"And you have the audacity of talking back to me. I'll show you something" He shouted

After that, I felt a kick to my stomach making me scream out in pain, then another kick, and then soon what felt like hours but was only 5 minutes he stopped kicking me.

"That's what you get you slut" He scowled and walked away

I just laid there and cried not knowing what to do.

You see this has been happening since I was around 12 and I was 15 at the moment so you can say it's been happening for the past three years. I would get punched slapped kicked and the list goes on, and this would happen every. single. day. I have no idea what I did to be treated like this. Whenever I went to ask them what I did they would always call me slut and tell me to get out of their face so I've stopped trying to ask at this point because It's useless. But the thing I didn't get most is why the change of behavior. We were happy at one point so, what changed??

I was still on the floor crying when I heard the rest of my 'family' coming down the stairs while talking.

I laid there paralyzed not knowing what to do more than cry.

"Why isn't there any food here," Chloe asked

Oh shit, I forget about the food. oh no I'm dead meat now

"Where's that little slut. LIV!!" I heard my mom shout.

But instead of answering I laid on the floor paralyzed not knowing what to do at this point.

I heard footsteps coming around to the area I was and started to panic.

"Didn't you hear us calling you bitch" Chloe said looking down at me

"Oh so you think your brave now huh??" she asked as she came around to my side fully

"Answer me you bitch!!"

I couldn't move I was paralyzed, I tried talking but my mouth was glued shut all I could do was let the tears roll down my face.

She grabbed my hair in her hand and started to draw me to the dining room where the rest of my family were.

"The bitch has the audacity to not cook any food and to answer me when I talk to her"

"She did WHAT?!?!" My mother shouted as she stood up from her seat.

"Yea and she didn't even clean my room as I told her to" Jason chimed in.

"Oh so you think your brave now," Mother asked as she stalked her way over to me

But I still couldn't do anything more than just let the tears stream down my face

"Oh, I see she's getting brave. When I finish with you I will see if you are brave" My mother said as she reached near me.


Narrators POV

Livia laid on the floor paralyzed and terrified of what was to come next. You would have thought she was used to the beating after all these years, but she was yet to be at that point. She was a prisoner to her own life, with no way to escape or get that key to unlock the door to her life. She felt as if the world was against her in everything she did. She was classified as many things but one thing she was not was a quitter.

She had gone through so many fazes in life but yet she didn't give up. She always taught there was something better to come in her life, but there was one question. Was there actually something better to come in her life, was there another meaning for everything she's been through all these years? That was a question only time itself could tell. what could she have done to deserve to be treated like this?? That question would haunt her every day. Would she ever find the meaning to this all.............

Authors Note

Sorry for the short chapter guys but I hoped you enjoyed reading it.

Happy New Year!!!

Although we all know 2021 is gonna be just as f'ed up as 2020🙄


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