Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 - Secrets

     Jordan's P.O.V

                              When we left the office it was ten minutes before sixth period so I made my way to gym. While making my way to gym, Chase was silently walking behind me, “Will you quit following me chase, it’s getting annoying,” “Baby girl, if you didn’t notice by now, we have all our classes together,” and there we go again with the smirking. “Well if you haven’t realized, you’re not much to notice,” “Baby girl, you’re telling me that this is not much to notice?" Chase questiones then he continued." The girls practically swoon when they see me,” I turned to face him since we were now in front of the changing rooms “One, stop calling me baby girl, two that’s them trying to stop from themselves from gagging at the very sight of you dumbass!” With that, I quickly made my way into the girls’ changing room before Chase could do anything.

I quickly changed into my P.E uniform which consisted of a tank top and a pair of short shorts. As I finished changing, the door to the changing room opened and there stood Alex and the twins. “Hey guys, how was History?” I asked trying to act casual but failing miserably. “Jord's, what happened, tell us now.” I sighed; I knew that whenever I heard that tone from Lex, she was serious, so I might as well tell her, “Well, after the paint fight we got sent to the principal and ended up with getting detention for a week, after school starting tomorrow. “That’s not too bad, I guess,” I could tell Alex was hiding something, but I know she wouldn’t tell me. She’s stubborn as a mule, just like me and that’s one of the many reasons we’re best friends. I sighed again as I made my out of the gym. It was huge, not that I was complaining or anything, P.E was my favorite subject, I always got top grades, no lower than A.

When I looked around I noticed Matt and Ty outside talking to each other so I made my way over to them, “Hey guys, what’s up?” “Well, the sky, the sun, the moon,” Matt jokingly said, “Oh, you know what I mean Sherlock.” “Well, the fact that the new girl got into a paint fight with school’s badass/ player,” “News travels fast around here,”I commented. “You’d be surprised.” I was about to ask what that was supposed to mean when our coach Mr. Williams called the class together. “Okay class, today we’ll be running laps around the field to test your stammina, you have five minutes to stretch and then it’s off the field.” “Now guys, not to make you feel bad or anything but at least try to keep up, ai!” It’s true, I was a really fast runner and I never lost a race... yet. “Well Jodi, Tyler and I challenge you to a race for the laps and the winner of course, gets bragging rights for a month, deal?” “Deal!” with that we got to our starting position on the field. “Ready…set…GO!” And we were off.

As usual, I was in front of Mat and Ty. I was laughing so hard when I turned around to see their faces, it was absolutely hilarious. “Come on guys, are you gonna stand there and stare or are you gonna race!?!” They seemed to snap out of their momentary shock and started to gain on me but not enough to pass me, “Jords, seriously, where’d you learn to run like that, you eat Chase’s record and he’s the fastest track and field runner!” exclaimed a surprised Matt after we finished the race, “Records are meant to be broken, plus I’m not surprised, all my coaches said that I run pretty fast for a girl.” I explained like it was no big deal.“Jordi, what’s that on your shoulder?” questioned Jamie for the first time.

The girls have been especially quiet ever since the locker rooms. I knew exactly what they were talking about, “I don’t know, I’ve had it all my live and it says ‘When the moon is at its fullest, the black wolf will show himself’ that’s the translation from Latin, but I have no idea what it means though.” “That’s soooo weird, chase has one just like that on his other shoulder, just on the other side ,herself instead of him and white instead of black, now that’s creepy.” “Nice try guys but there’s no way that would be possible, don’t ask why it’s just not.” Suddenly arms wrapped around my waist, “Actually babygirl, that’s very possible. I have a mark just like that and for the record, I’m impressed, nobody has ever beaten my time,” Chase whispered into my ear. “Psh, you’re only saying that because you think you’re gonna beat me, like if that’s gonna happen.” I replied.“Keep dreaming babygirl,” Chase smirked walking away.

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