chapter 20

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Okay so this chapter is a lot different from the other chapters (by that I mean the style of writing I use) I hope you still all like it I just wanted to try something new because I felt like it would fit in quite well.

Niall's pov:

Hi guys it's me Niall :)

As you know I'm the only smart one here and I've worked out we are in a Larry fanfic and i asked the writer and she said I could speak to you all for this chapter.

So as you know Harry had to go home and it's been a year now. Everything was great at the beginning, Harry visited us a lot and he came back for Louis' birthday and to spend Christmas morning with him before going back home.

Louis tried to convince Harry to go with him to Paris at new years with us all but Harry said he needed to be with his mum. While I'm on the subject of his mum you should be happy to hear that she's doing well. It took a while and it wasn't easy but with Gemma and Harry both at home and a lot of support she is now back to her normal self.

So as I said before, everything started off well, Harry was visiting often and it was pretty much like he had left as we would all message him every day. But you know life gets busy sometimes, we do all still talk to him but maybe not every day, well apart from Louis, they call each other every night and Louis is always on his phone at college.

The thing is Harry hasn't been here in almost 4 months now, it's now October so it's coming up to the Larry one year anniversary. Oh and I just can't wait, it's just so exciting, I love Larry so much some might even say I'm larrysexual. (Aren't we all ahahah)

Louis was miserable right now, moping around my house, I wish he would just sit down instead of dragging his feet across my bedroom floor walking to one wall and then back to the other.

"Tommo, would you just come sit down you are get on my nerves slightly" I finally said, "sorry Ni" he said before sitting down on my bed, "is everything okay Louis?" I asked, I already knew the answer was no and that the reason was because of Harry but I just wanted to see if he would actually say it because he has been denying it.

"No, Niall I'm not okay the boy that I love isn't here with me I haven't seen him in four months it's our one year anniversary in 28 days and I just want to hold him in my arms again, fuck I love him so much and I just want to be with him all the time but he's not here" Louis cried out throwing himself back on my bed, I lay down with him.

"Talk to him tonight, ask him if he can come soon, or go see him like you seem to have forgotten the fact that you could just as easily go see him" I pointed out. I was so sick of them both being miserable, I know they are both busy but they can just take a weekend to see each other so that they aren't miserable anymore, like jeez how difficult is it.

"I wish he would move here" Louis huffed out "I do to, Louis you seem to forget that all of us miss him too it's not just you okay he is our bestfriend and we want to see him as well, so stop being so miserable because you will see him at some point" I say.

"I hope so, well I better be off. I'm going to go call Harry. I'll see you on Monday"  Louis said getting up and just leaving "well bye then" I call as he walked away. Urghh I swear all of them just come pace around my room vent to me and then just leave.

Well no I shouldn't say that, they are great friends and we do hang out all the time but being the only single one in the group does make it a bit weird that they always come to me about problems, these problems are normally relationship related as well.

I really need to find a girlfriend.

Hold up, guys comment if you would be my girlfriend please :)

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