Ch 10 || last class

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Capricorn pov

Flying lessons were just boring. I mean, all we did was watch people scream at pieces of stick that won't respond. Idiots, can't even do the simplest thing right. Lunch was a loud affair, with Aries and Scorpio arguing about something or the other. Currently I was talking to Carina and Cassiopeia, well more like listening to them talk about this and that. We were walking towards the green houses, where out herbology lessons will take place. Aries and the boys had a race to see who reaches first, and they were currently no where to be seen.

We finally reached the greenhouse, and saw the others standing in front of it, waiting for us.

"Let's go?" asked Ceph. I nodded and we entered. I saw that Taurus, the girl from the boat who hates us, was there too. The teacher, who introduced herself as professor sprout, told us we will be learning the fire making spell today, since it is used to repel a certain type of plant that we will be working with in the next class. We were told to say incendio, while twirling our wand in the way she did. I, of course, got it right in the first try, but Scorpio and Aries somehow managed to set the greenhouse on fire while aiming at each other.

"Detention after class, both of you." Great, there goes our plan for exploring after school, I thought, giving them a look. Ara was laughing and patting Aries' head while she fumed, Ceph and Scorpio were back at trying out the spell.

They did manage to more or less get it right at least once by the time class ended. Those idiots had to, however, stay back. I sighed and walked back to the dorm with the brothers, and I gotta admit, they were fun to talk to. I flopped down on the bed as soon as I reached my dorm, deciding to take a nap instead of hanging out with the others who were not in detention in the common room.

Aquarius pov

So some kids set our herbology class on fire. Lol, idiots. Taurus had been glaring at that particular group since the beginning of class. History, maybe? Meh. I turned to Sagi, who was doing quite well with the spell. The rest of the class was pretty uneventful, except for the time I set a lock of Taurus' hair on fire by mistake. Thank the gods she didn't notice and I was able to blow it out quickly.

As soon as class was over, everyone ran out happily. I sent the two kids with detention a pitiful look, before running out after the others.

We, me, Sagi and Lacerta decided to go explore the large grounds during our free time. The girls went back to their dorm to get started on the homework.

While exploring, we came across one side of the lake that we had crossed yesterday. So, I did the only logical thing. I pushed Lacerta into the lake.

"What the fu-"

"Language." Sagi tutted at him, before pushing me into the lake too.

"Not pog." I said with a fake pout. Then I grabbed his leg, making him fall in too. The three of us burst out laughing, and that's how we spent the rest of the evening, splashing each other and seeing who can hold their breath longer. We left about half an hour before dinner to go get changed. I won't be surprised if we woke up with a cold tomorrow, but totally worth it.


Leo pov

Flying lessons really put me in a bad mood. I mean I got hit in the face by a broomstick, of course I'm in a bad mood. To make things worse, we still had a class left. I stomped my way to astronomy with Cancer right behind me, pissed at this world. Soon enough we reached the class, and I plopped into the nearest seat I could find.

We were told by professor Sinistra to pick a partner and go find a telescope, so I quickly grabbed Cancer's hand and dragged him over to one. I saw Libra team up with Aquila, and the brother went together. How predictable. I sat down in front of the telescope, wondering what to do with it.

"Do you know how to use a telescope?" I asked Cance. It was one of those big ass complicated looking one.

"Wait, you've never used a telescope before?" He said pushing me out of the way and starting to tinker with ours.

"Not really, didn't see the point." I said, kinda embarrassed.


The teacher said she will teach us how to use a telescope, and on Wednesday night, along with the other first years, we will have our stargazing session.


I obviously teamed up with Fornax, he seemed like the only civilized person out of the bunch. We worked together in silence, learning how to adjust stuff on the telescope and what not. The teacher gave us some notes to write, which we did. Soon enough it was time to leave.

"Hey, let's finish our homework together?" Fornax asked me.

"Sure." We headed to our dorms, and took out whatever materials we need before heading to the common room. We started on the little homework we had, and were done with it in next to no time.

"Now what?" I asked.

"Let's maybe go outside for a bit? I'm feeling kinda stuffy." We went outside, and that's when he decided that making me trip would be funny. I had tnever heard Fornax laugh, I though he was the serious type, but here he was, laughing his ass off at something that wasn't even remotely funny.

"Oh you're on." I said, getting up and chasing him. Though he was fast, I managed to catch him, and tickled him as revenge. I don't think I've laughed so much in my life, and knew that we were going to be besties.

"I- I'm s- orry I g- g- giv- e u -p" He somehow said, and I let him go. We spent the rest of our free time walking around, before turning in for an early night.


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