It had happened about a week ago. A week ago where I wasn’t even paying half of the attention to her as I was now. I remembered faintly about what she had said to me, along the lines where the word ‘fiancé’ and ‘staying’ was mentioned but then again, I was too engrossed in my monthly Claire’s magazine that I was so fond of reading whenever I could to ever be sure. All I could remember was how her face lit up in red whenever she talked about him. The slight shyness that appeared in her eyes whenever she mentioned about their wonderful dates sometimes had me gritting my teeth in jealousy.

But now I regretted not really paying attention to Kristine about him. Because if I had, I might have been aware that today was the day he would be there, in the living room, sitting down and drinking his coffee with a poise that not even I could’ve gotten it right. I was barely even awake at that time, wearing only my white plain shirt pyjamas with a pair of slackly pants that I had bought during a holiday sales. I just simply walked into the kitchen and continued to the refrigerator to get some fresh morning doze of milk.

Then, I simply walked back to the living room, where I sat down next to him and took the remote which was placed on the small antique coffee table that Kristine had adored, and switched on the television. The morning Channel 7 news was on when my eyes glazed down to the breaking news about a highway accident that had happened a few hours ago. I hummed to myself as I drank my milk before placing my feet on top of the coffee table, trying to relax myself. 

“Charlie, if you’re trying to flaunt the fact that you have bigger melons than I do, since your white transparent shirt is so obviously showing off your braless chest, in front of my fiancé, I would appreciate it if you could get up and leave.” Kristine walked into the room with a frown on her face before I heard someone snorting and coughing next to me like he just choked.

“Holy crap!” I exclaimed as I got up and turned around, my eyes widened when indeed, a man was coughing and trying to regain his breathing back. His eyes immediately shot Kristine a look that had me turning red. He placed his cup of coffee on the coffee table with a shaky clank. “David?” I looked at him as he nodded, his eyes diverted to my chest before looking elsewhere, turning red too. I quickly covered my chest with my hands before turning around and looking at Kristine.

“What type of a sister are you?” I frowned as the humiliation settled in. “You could’ve told me he was here!”

“I did, yesterday night,” she replied immediately with an unimpressed look. “You were too busy reading Claire’s magazine to even remember.”

I quickly walked away from her and her fiancé in total distraught. Slamming the door shut behind of me, I knew that I had brought this to myself. Now, I felt nauseous and at the total end of vomiting the milk I had drank just now. Once showered and made sure that I didn’t wear anything too transparent, I walked out of my room with whatever dignity I had left.  Looking around to make sure I didn’t spot anyone yet, I carefully made my way towards the living room. It was nerve-wrecking, acting like a thief in my very own house when I heard a fake cough behind of me. Turning around, I saw Kristine smiling at me half-way with her hands folded.

“Look, just now, I didn’t mean to—”

“I know,” she cut me off. “But make sure you’re careful from now on.” I nodded at her words before I heard someone walking towards her. Appearing from behind Kristine, it was David. He was wearing a pair of fresh new clothes, and his hair wet from the shower he just had. Kristine took a step back and stood next to David. My face flushed red again as I looked at him, trying to muster up the left courage to talk to him. David had his face slowly turning red as well before he looked away.

“So, he’s living here from now on?” I asked as Kristine nodded. She suddenly looped her arm around David’s and dragged him closer to her.

“Now, to officially introduce,” she started. “David, this is my younger sister who is now currently twenty-three and unemployed, Charlotte.”

“But people usually call me, Charlie.”

David nodded as he took in the information. “And this is my fiancé, David. A lawyer and currently, the same age as me, twenty-five.” Kristine grinned at me before she leaned in and pecked on David’s lips. I smiled automatically at the scene before taking in a huge breath.

“It is so nice to meet you and I’m sorry…about…that,” I said as I laughed nervously before David coughed.

“No offence taken.”

“Well, that’s pretty much sums up this whole introduction,” Kristine said as she looked at her wrist watch before she sighed dramatically. “And I have work to go to.”

“Alright, love,” I heard his thick almost British-like accent ringing out in his words before he pecked on Kristine’s cheek. I mused in my mind remembering how Kristine had told me that his was half British. My sister smiled back at him warmly before she shot me another look. I looked at her indignantly before allowing her to leave. With her working skirt that surrounded her bottom half tight with her clouded blouse, she grabbed her one and only exclusive Chanel bag and walked out of the house. The door shut lightly behind her along the way.

Silence remained before I coughed and looked back at her fiancé. His light blue eyes were looking elsewhere, practically anywhere but me. “You don’t have any work to go to?” I asked as I looked at the wall clock, which once again had that unique antiqueness to it. Kristine just had that impeccable taste to buy anything made out of oak wood or any word actually that seemed like it was pulled out from the eighties or nineties. The huge big arrow pointed around seven meanwhile its son pointed around half past.

“I do,” he said, somehow the embarrassment still obviously lingering in his voice. “I shall get going.”

I nodded as he left, walking to Kristine’s room and slamming the door shut. I sighed to myself as I cursed for my short attention-span. I shook my head before deciding to sit on the couch and start watching whatever series or movies were on. Maybe that’s why I could never lose any weight,I mumbled to myself darkly as I scanned myself from one view.

A plum old apple from bottom to up, just huge melons and chubby face and that meek dry looking blonde-like hair to complete the look, and I ask myself why I’m always single.

“I’m going now.” It was short and enough to bring me out of my thoughts as I snapped my head and looked at the fleeting man. Wearing his suit and what seemed like an expensive briefcase in his hands, he just wore his shoes which seemed freshly waxes in dark pallet before he walked out of the house.

Click! And the house was quiet once again.

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