Chapter 3

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"You okay?" I ask after Kim steps out of the cubicle and washes her mouth.

She nods, "But really, really need to lay down now."

"Yeah hold on ok, I've called the car..."

We step out of the bathroom and walk toward the exit. But then I see Jimmy again standing in an empty hall near the bathroom.

"Hey," he says, walking toward me, "Is Kim okay?"

I nod, "She will be."

And we both chuckle at this ridiculous situation.

"So you work for Cosmo, right? Scott says."

"Yes we both are."

"Oh okay. I know Jane, and James Gates."

"I'm sure you do," I say, looking at Kim who looks like she's about to fall flat on the floor.

"I was thinking of bringing some media groups to watch the show on National Press Day. You think Cosmo people would be interested?"

I turn my head from Kim back to Jimmy, "I'm sorry, what?"

"You're not exactly here..." he smiles.

"I'm sorry," I sigh, "National Press Day, and then... I'm sorry I didn't catch the rest."

He pauses for a bit before he says, "Do you want to come watch my show?"

"I do watch your show, it's on TV every night."

"I meant live... Watch live."

I look at him confused, "Like watch in the studio? Why do I have to do that?"

Then I realize what he meant.

"I'm so sorry Jimmy, I am not focus right now..." I look at Kim again who has her eyes half closed now.

"You really must go. I understand. Let me help you carry her," he says.

"Oh no no, she will rage if random men touch her."

"Even when she's drunk?" he smiles

"Especially when she's drunk," I say and we both chuckle.

The car is already waiting in the lobby when we get there.

I open the door, put Kim in and I get in. The driver closes the door and we leave. Half-asleep, suddenly she says, "Did Jimmy Fallon just invite you to watch his show?"


"Why would you do that?"

"I know, right."

"You think he can help us get tickets to watch Letterman instead? I find him appealing."

I laugh, "Your weird taste in men, even when you're drunk."


When Jane said she had to meet someone important, she didn't return for 3 days. by the time she returns, it was time for our weekly progress meeting. We're all gathered in the meeting room and I knew I will be on the spotlight with the Ultimate Bachelor's list.

I can guarantee she will open the meeting with that question.

But she sits down and the first thing she says is, "So we're all going to watch The Tonight Show live on Friday."

Kim nearly choked on her coffee.

"What, why?" Maya asks

"Because Jimmy asks me," she says, "And he asks James too. It's for his National Press Day episode and he invites our media group and a couple of other selected journalists from Huffington Post and NY Times."

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