Part 3

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"You fought well today."
You jump as you hear Legolas's voice and look up from cleaning your daggers.
"I came to return these." He says with a smile, blue-grey eyes gazing deep into yours. He sets a few missing arrows of yours in front of you, very gently, for they are yours, and anything of yours is precious to him.
"Thank you, my lord." You say and restock your quiver, avoiding his gaze, those penetrating eyes that delve deep into your heart.
"Why do you do that?"
"Huh?" You jump again at his sudden question after a long pause of silence.
"Your eyes avoid me when I complement you." He says. You hear him come forward and stand behind you. You feel his hands suddenly slide over your shoulders and you shiver invulnerably.
"What are you afraid of?" He whispers.
"Nothing." You reply instantly. "I am fearless."
"A fearless hunter, yes." You hear the smile in his words. "But a fearless lover?"
You shut your eyes as his soft fingers glide around the skin on your neck. You want to let go of your fears as much as you want to restrain them. You are afraid of his distinction, his duties, and his father. Legolas is a prince, and your status is not nearly enough. And yet...he doesn't draw away.
"Let it go, like the fingers on your arrow shaft." He whispers, lips against your ear. "Release that tension in one small act of will."
Your lips part to respond but no words play on your tongue.

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