The end begins with a churning in your stomach, as though your insides are shrinking. The gnawing sensation is quite similar to being eaten from the inside out. The sole thing left to do, when this occurs, is to wait for your final breath to come. 

A skin rash will present itself. Not a salve in the world can prevent this rash from covering your body. This is yet another indication that you are not faring well.

The people around you should begin to notice your strange behavior. You will no longer be able to hide the fact that something is terribly wrong.

Friends and family ought to keep their distance. You cannot let them come near you! The simplest of touches is lethal in this stage; therefore, skin-to-skin contact must be avoided at all costs.

A spiking fever and the loss of your precious hair will follow before long. You do not have much time left, only a couple of days at best. Lest you be lucky, you might live to see another week. Do not get your hopes up too high, though, because nowadays, a simple thing such as luck no longer exists.

On the assumption no one proved considerate enough to kill you by now, I highly recommend you choose one of the following options.



In case you decide to remain alive, thus not care you will contaminate other people, you are going to experience the deterioration of your eyesight.

Privileges such as color will gradually cease to exist. From this moment forward, your vision will consist of only black and white. Fear not, for as the hours pass, many delusions are going to color your world. Differentiating these hallucinations from reality is bound to become somewhat of a challenge – you should feel blessed, really.

As soon as you lose all control over the tremors in your limbs, death is nearer than you anticipated.

Once your skin starts to peel off and breathing becomes close to impossible, you had better say your last prayers. For this, my friend, means you are as good as dead.

There is no cure.

There is no way back.

This is your end. 

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