A Curse of Luck (A kidnapped story) (10)

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We lay about 4ft apart after all we're still strangers, but before I close my eyes they lock with his, and I just feel warm and safe next to him.

Then we both drift off into dreamland....


Whitney's (pov)

I toss and turn on my side trying not to lose such a wonderful dream; that I had experiencing moments ago.

I was with my family at an amusement park with my over energetic little sister Lily, dragging me from one vomit educing ride to the next.

But even with my nauseated self and pounding headache I was so happy and overjoyed.

My mother was also there just as much of an adrenaline junkie as my sister, my dad peacefully watching us on the rides from the sidelines.

Then we all decided to go on the fairest wheel, something we all loved to do together.

I looked to each of my family members smiling and laughing, as we approach the top they all turned to me with tears in their eyes. They began to sob, and I saw how much they loved and missed me. They wanted me to come back to them.

Before I knew what happen they disappeared, and I was alone at the top of the fairest wheel.

What once was a packed amusement park was now a ghost town dead and silent. I was overwhelmed with the loneliness. I felt the tears streamed down my face, I realized it was a dream and started shaking myself awake.

My eyes shoot open, and I have a huge sigh of relief loving the fact it really was just a dream.

I feel my pillow and realize it’s moist with my tears. I dab my eyes with the corner of the blanket. I know I miss my family and wishing everything that has happened so far was just a nightmare.

But I have to just face the facts, that this is the situation I'm in and keep a level head, and keep my emotion under control.

I prop myself on my hands, and look over to see Will, peacefully sleeping, well peacefully sleeping while snoring, completely sprawled out on top of the covers.

I hold in a laugh, he just did not seem like a snorer to me.

I don't see how he's not cold, I lean over to place the blanket back on him, and feel a steady wave of heat coming off him.

"What the heck." I nearly shout.

He grumbled in his sleep, but he didn't wake.

So I inch my hand closer to sees if he gets hotter, and a wave of heat is coming off him.

I can't help but be intrigued and want to touch his skin to see if it too is hot. I slowly reach to touch his hand all the while sneaking glances at his face to make sure he's still sound asleep.

His breathing is even a good sign, just a little closer I finally poke him expecting it to be burning, but it’s not, it's normal feeling, how can that be?

I'm confused, so I grab his hand and lightly rub it to see if it will warm up again.

Nothing’s happening and no heat is radiating off him any longer. Suddenly someone clears their throat and I freeze.

Slowly I raise my eyes to meet slightly confused blue ones. I feel my face became warm, and I know I am blushing which I never do. I quickly release his hand that I was still awkwardly holding and stand up.

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