Chapter 2

969 10 2

Kim and I decided to go to Greenwich village for dinner. We are trying the new Momofuku's chain that's just opened.

"You know I think we should do someone old for the ultimate bachelor," Kim says after we order, "Like someone with maturity. Like... Pierce Brosnan."

"Oh, yummy. But isn't he like, married for forever?"

"Yeah, to a journalist. So she interviewed him and he fell in love with her."

"Cinderella story," I say

"Our kind of Cinderella story," she says, "If you can pick someone to interview and fall in love with, who'd you pick?"

"Barack Obama," I say

"Oh God, this weird obsession...."

"I just find him hot!" I say, "He is my Ultimate Bachelor. Who's yours?"

"Um. Robert de Niro."


We talk some more about the list of hot guys (which none of them are no way near the Ultimate Bachelor list I can submit to Jane), and we get to the point that we just wish there are more men like Pierce Brosnan, who is really hot but fall in love with a commoner and stick with her. Kim and I agree that there are no more guys like that in the world; the 10 will opt to be with the 10, 9 with the 9, and 2 with the 2.

Kim and I have been single for quite some time. Well, Kim had a boyfriend in college and I did not, so I was single for longer. We do go on dates sometimes, but we get too busy with our job, we don't really feel the necessity to continue on having relationships. The urge does comes when we see a guy carrying a baby and they both look so beautiful together like a christmas package. But it quickly goes away again when we hear another woman complaining about pregnancy and about how kids can sometimes drive you nuts. And since we don't seem to have a hard time to hook up when we need a hook-up, we really don't sweat this single title.

But I know Kim is going to have to settle down soon. Her parents expect her to marry another (successful) Asian boy who share the same family values with her (to gather with family once a month and being present during Chinese New Year is more important than giving your vote in an election, she says). I have heard her mom yapping so many times about taking a boy home to meet the family.

I wrote an article once about the Science of Love. The psychologist I interviewed said that love is chemical reactions, something that makes you feel certain things. What kind of feelings, I asked her. Funny things, she said, things you have not even experienced. I don't think I have felt like that, in a way. I mean, different guys give you different kind of dates, or different orgasms, but I wouldn't think a guy would make me feel something I've never experienced? When I did an article on long-term couples, people who have been together for 15-30 years... And when I asked them about how they knew when they're in love, they just say they knew.

I asked Kim about it and she is as clueless as me.

Anyway, I got home that night and found a note on my bedside. It's from Scott Adams who said he had a great time and he left me a number to call if I wanted to hang out again or watch live taping of SNL.

I fell asleep that night after drinking a glass of wine.


I woke up at 6:30 the next morning, did a bit of YouTube yoga, and wear my gray Calvin Klein dress to pair with my new black stilleto. I gave my mom a quick call before I head out for work.

My phone ring just before I'm about to step in the elevator.

"Hello?" I pick up

"Hi Pamela, this is Lee Stevens."

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