Men Are From Mars (5)

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“I could really use a mocha right now.” I told Ava as we neared the end of the boardwalk. A block from my house there was a small coffee shop I could stop by on my walk back. “Come with me to get one?”

“Sorry babe, but no can do. Unfortunately all caffeine fixes will have to wait. We still have more work to get done, so we're heading to my house.” Ava said tightening her hold on my arm so I couldn’t escape.

“Are you serious?” I complained coming to a stop. There would be no moving me, unless there was a promise of caffeine. “Haven’t you put me through enough torture today?”

“It’s not torture remember? I’m helping you find your prince charming.” Ava said tugging on my arm trying to get me down the sidewalk. 

“Well I revoke your rights as my fairy godmother. I want a new one.” I responded putting a hand on my hip.

Ava didn’t answer and instead scouted out the shops around us. She wouldn’t find a coffee one nearby. I knew all the locations of where I could get my caffeine fixes in Lakeshore and the closest one was by my house.

“Fine.” Ava glared at me, “If I get you some caffeine will you shut up and be a good little girl?”

“I don’t do energy drinks.” I warned her knowing she would try to give me one of those cans of poison in place of my beloved coffee. She could be tricky like that sometimes. Well actually most of the time…

“Yeah, yeah.” Ava said rolling her eyes, “I get it, you only drink the black tar crap.”

Satisfied by her answer, I followed my best friend believing she would provide me with the steaming liquid fuel I was craving. I was wrong.

“Ben and Jerry’s?” I grumbled as we stepped inside the small, chilly ice cream shop.

“What did you expect?” Ava said throwing her hands up in the air, “that I was going to pull a Starbucks out of my back pocket?”

Well I was hoping. “But this is ice cream.” I said pointing at the coolers filled with tubs of cold creamy treats.

“Yeah, I understand that Einstein.” Ava said dragging me up to the counter. For such a little girl she had a ton of strength; must be eating all her spinach at dinnertime. “They have coffee flavored ice cream here.”

“But Ava.” I whined looking down at the container of tan colored cream, “I want the real stuff.”

“I’m paying.” She bribed me as her eyes flittered from flavor to flavor. “Besides, you can have all the coffee you want when we get to my house. Although, you might have to fight Collin for it.”

“Fine,” I said giving in. There was nothing wrong with frozen dairy products, especially when they were free. Pointing at my ice cream of choice, I told the server behind the counter two scoops.

“What are you getting?” I asked.

Ava was eyeing up the cookie dough. “Something with chocolate.”

“What about this?” I suggested pointing down to a container. The description said Hogs Heaven and it had a little picture of a warthog from the Lion King next to it. What was his name again?

Ava wrinkled her nose. “Too many calories. Maybe I’ll just get the fat free yogurt.”

“You’re ridiculous.” I said as I was handed my cone. “We are in an ice cream shop, what do you expect?”

“Something that won’t give me a dang heart attack. I wanna live to eat dinner tonight.”

Ava pointed at the vanilla yogurt that was topped with fresh strawberries. “I need something that will promote my health.” She told me handing the cashier a ten.

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