The First Chapter

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Click on the video above. Welcome to NEW YORK :-)

I will never drink again for the rest of my life.

I slowly open my eyes and see another person laying next to me.

I begin to panic.

Who is this? I do not remember having slept with someone last night? Or maybe I did but I was just too drunk?


Definitely the latter.

Oh Pamela, stop it. I hear my mom's voice in my head. You need real love. What are you afraid of?

My phone rings.


"Dude," Kim says, "I've been calling you for thousand times. Editorial meeting in 30 mins? I'm downstairs."

"Crap!" I jump out of bed and run to the bathroom to brush my teeth and splash some water into my face. I can do quick makeup in the car (there are still some smokey eyes left from last night anyway). I am still wearing the white dress I wore last night, so I just quickly add a dusty pink blazer on top of it, grabbed my grey jimmy choo, and ran downstairs.

"Oh God," Kim says when she sees me. "Is that last night's dress?"

I grab her Starbucks while I jump inside the car.

"There's this guy in my bed," I say to Kim.

She chuckles, "I know. How was he?"

"I can't even remember who he is! You reckon he will steal things from my apartment?"

She scoffs, "Why would Scott Adams steal things from your apartment?"

"Scott Adams? Scott Adams who is in..."

"Yap, from SNL."

"How did that happen?"

"We went to this sports bar and he was there. He sort of picked you up and you were going on and on to him about how you loved his skit as Prince Harry. One thing led to another..."

"Oh Christ."

"Yap," Kim says, "Oh we're here."

The car pulls over in front of the Summit building. We get off and walk toward the escalator. I see James Gates, son of owner, also a successful CEO of an internet company who is comfortably placed as the Editor-in-Chief of Businessweek. He is walking with his Managing Editor, and seem to be drown in a very serious conversation.

"Oh that man..." Kim sighs, "Do you know he's rumored to be dating Nigela Khan?"

"Nigela Khan the lawyer?"

"Yap. Nigela Khan the human rights lawyer who speaks five languages and looks like supermodel because she's born in an exotic country. How unfair is that? I wonder what they talk about in their dates."

"Ummm, how to last longer in bed?" I say and we burst out laughing.


It's been 3 years since I graduated. I've been working for Summit Media, particularly for the Cosmopolitan magazine. I am now the Executive Feature Editor, while Kim, my colleague/best friend, is the Executive Fashion Editor (so we don't report to the same person, which is important).

I love my job. I mean, it was hard at first because of all the drama and the bitchiness, but three years off I got myself in a senior position, and things get incredibly fun. I get to try out new places, restaurants, attend exclusive events and Broadway plays for free. And the best part is I get to be in charge of the sex & relationship columns. So in a way, if you are counting on Cosmo for love advice, you are technically counting on me.

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