2. The Elevator

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Melissa's POV:

Alarm ringing...

"Ugh !" I groan.

I try to switch off the alarm by my hands tapping here and there on the bed trying to find the phone meanwhile my eyes still shut.

Alarm still ringing.

"Uhhhh! Where the hell is it ? " I groan in frustration and eventually wake up.

I rub my eyes, deliberately wanting them to free from the sleepiness while searching for my phone.
Unable to find my phone on the bed, I jump out of it and start looking for it. I finally find it still ringing and  lying down on the floor.

Picking it up, I turn off the alarm.
My eyes darts at the time on the screen and my mouth turns into a big 'O', and my eyes turns into the size of the saucers.

"Oh shit ! It's nearly 7 am. I am hell late to my first day." I scream.

Without wasting time I run to the bathroom for my morning business. As I am about to shower my mind drifts off to Ella. Fuck! I am sure she's still sleeping. Without getting a shower, I run out of the bathroom and get my phone and dial her number.


"Ella pick up the damn phone. We are already late. We have to be in university before 8. Pick up idiot." I mumble

It keeps ringing and finally disconnect on its own.

"Oh hell. I think I gotta go and wake her up." I mutter with one hand running through my hairs.

I hurry and grab my room keys and run towards the elevator while forming a bun of my free hairs.
The door opens, I get into the elevator and press 5th floor. I keep tapping my phone on my left hand waiting for the door to close. An old habit of mine when I am hell nervous.

The door starts closing but an individual pair of white sneaker stops it in the midway. The door slides back and reveal the one whom I never want to see again in my life.

A pair of blue eyes meets my brown one's. He looks at me intensely with a smirk. I take a look at him, he is wearing a black t-shirt along with navy blue pants. The sleeves perfectly hugging his biceps showing it off more prominently. And a navy blue blazer hanging on his left hand . He is leaning on the elevator door with his right leg crossed over his left, and his hands crossed at his chest.

His clothing :

He eyes me as usual making me shift uncomfortably under his stare

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He eyes me as usual making me shift uncomfortably under his stare.
He notices it and chuckles.

Blake's POV :

I woke up at around 6 am with butterflies running in my stomach. I planned everything and today was the time for its execution. I know everything will go according to how I planned but still don't want any mistakes so I woke up early to reach university earlier than others. I am so excited.

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