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Chapter Nine| Leona

"No." I shake my head at Dario as he points to the small photo booth.

"Come on." He groans, grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the confined box.

He's way too strong and manages to pick me up and put me inside, he just about fits himself with his six foot six frame. I hold back my smile at how uncomfortable he looks.

"We can't both sit down, there's no room!" I exclaim and he smirks, taking a seat.

"Looks like you'll have to sit on my lap then, princess." He pats his thigh and I gulp.

"Dario, no!" I stare at him with wide eyes and he rolls his eyes before putting his hands around my waist and pulls me down onto his thigh.

"No big deal." He winks and I stiffen.

I watch as he pays and then the camera turns on. He winks at me through the camera and I bite my lip, looking down at him.

"You're an idiot." I mumble and he chuckles.

"I'm just making the most of our date." I playfully roll my eyes and I squeal when he wraps his arms tightly around my waist. He then reaches forward and it begins a three second countdown.

We both smile on the first one.

Then on the second one he shocks me and turns his head to kiss my neck. I'm still smiling.

But the third one I get my small bag and the camera just catches me hitting him round the head with it. 

"Hey!" He exclaims, rubbing the spot I hit and I smile.

"That's what you get for kissing my cheek without my permission!" I scoff, flicking my hair in his face and reaching down to retrieve the two strips. "One for you." I hand him one and watch as he stares down at it with a small smile on his face.

"We look good together." I try to stand up but he tightens his arms around my waist to stop me from getting up. "What do you think, princess?"

"Hmm." I shrug. "It's late, I need to get back, I've got a meeting tomorrow." He nods his head and let's me stand up.

We both exit the photo booth and begin our way back to the hotel. It doesn't take us long and before I know it we are standing outside my hotel room.

"I had a good night, Leona." Dario whispers and I gulp.

"So did I." I nod, my back pressing against the door.

He's so close.

"I want to do it again."

I raise my eyebrows.

"Dario, you're lucky I even went out with you tonight." I lightly laugh and he frowns.

"But you said if you enjoyed the day, I could take you on as many as I liked and you said you enjoyed it." He pouts and I sigh.

"I don't think it would be professional of us, if we were to be business partners and then go on dates." He rolls his eyes and holds both his hands up against the door, enclosing me in his muscled arms.

"I don't give a fuck about that, I want to take you on more dates, Leona. So are you going to let me, yes or no?" He questions sternly and I slowly closes my eyes.

"Ugh, fine." I whisper and he grins, pulling away.

"Correct answer, I'll see you tomorrow." He kisses my cheek before turning around to walk away.

"Idiot." I mumble but can't help but smile. I walk into my hotel room and jump when the lights turn on automatically to reveal Ben. "Ben!"

"Tell me all about it! Did you fuck?!"


"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" I rush around the hotel room, trying to brush my teeth and put my underwear on at the same time.

I'm running late for my meeting.

This is not good.

I'm never late to meetings but last night, Ben and I finished two bottles of wine between us and I forgot to set an alarm.

"Ben! Get the fuck up now!" I kick his body that lays on the floor.

He grunts, slowly sitting up, rubbing his head.

"What is it, Leona? Can't you see I'm trying to sleep!" He mumbles.

"Our meeting is in exactly five minutes!" His eyes widen and he jumps up.

"Oh fuck! I'll be back!" He runs out of my room, probably to go and get ready himself.

It takes us forty minutes to finish getting ready, thanks to Ben. Now we're in a taxi on our way to the meeting.

We arrive in fifteen minutes and I cringe at the fact that we are over an hour late.

"This is embarrassing." Ben whispers as we stand outside the double doors of the conference room. "I kind of don't wanna go in there, I don't want all the wrong kind of attention, you know."

"Shut up." I take a deep breath and then knock on the door.

I slowly open it and a very displeased woman stares at me, tapping her foot impatiently. She has to be in her mid-forty's and by the looks of it she looks well put together.

"I am very sorry we are late, we got a bit lost." I lie and she scoffs. I take a second to look around the room and my eyes widen when I spot a smirking Dario, sat back in his seat.

"You would leave slightly earlier if you are unfamiliar with your surroundings, you and your parent may take a seat next to Mr Tahan and his assistant."

I bite my tongue and make my way over to the spare seat next to Dario.

He pulls it out with one hand and I give him a tight-lipped smile and awkwardly sit down.

"You're late, princess." He whispers.

"No shit, Sherlock." I grit my teeth.

I place my folders on the desk and jump when his hand rests on my thigh. He then leans over to whisper in my ear.

"I want you to come back with me to my hotel room after this."



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