Ch 9 || Flying Lessons

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Scorpio pov

We had flying lessons next, I was still in a shit mood. This better be good. Cappy seemed to cheer up after talking to the girl at our table. I sighed, I just wanted this day to be over so I could sleep. We walked out to the fields, where the lesson will be held. I don't get why I have to attend these, I already know how to fly. Dad taught me when I was a kid. We all just awkwardly stood at the field with our houses, waiting for the teacher.

"Well, what are you guys waiting for? Go grab a broom." At that, there was a lot of scurrying around, I just grabbed the broom closest to me. "Now put it on the ground near you, stand next to it and say 'up'" Everyone did that.

My broom, of course, landed in my hand perfectly on my first try, same goes for Capricorn. Ceph got it on his second try, Ara got it soon after. Aries seemed to struggle with it. I gave her a gloating look and she glared at me, angrily yelling 'up'. The broom flew into her hand and she stuck her tongue out at me. Carina and Cassiopeia didn't seem to be having much problem with theirs either.

Looking across the field, I saw that some of the other houses were taking much longer.

Taurus pov

"Up!" I yelled, the broomstick rose half way up before falling down again. This had happened a few time already, and to say I was frustrated was an understatement. I looked around to see how the others were doing. Lacerta and Sagi's brooms weren't even budging an inch, though Aqua didn't have any trouble with his. Antlia's broom only twitched on the ground, and Andromeda's moved sideways, making her trip over it. I let out a frustrated sigh before going back to trying to get my broom to obey me. Again, it made it halfway up before falling. I heard Aqua laugh, and turned to him.

"It's not funny!"

"It is. I mean, did you see your face? You loo-"

"Not. Another. Word." I said through gritted teeth. He just chuckled before turning his attention to the boys. I went back to practically screaming at my stupid broom.

Libra pov

Why won't the broom come to me? I saw people around me getting it right, so why couldn't I? I mean, even Leo's broom made it into her hand, even if it did hit her face in the process. Cancer almost got it, but then it fell back down. At least his' moved, mine didn't even so much as twitch. Aquila didn't have any problem with hers, so why did I?

"Up." I said. It probably won't budge again. I was right, it didn't.




"Uuuuupppppp." I tried saying it differently, and each try was no better than the last. I looked up to see that Cancer was holding his broom proudly, along with Leo, and looked back down at mine. On my right, the 'Corona twins', who had got it right on their first try, were sword fighting with theirs. I sighed, ready to give up, when the broom twitched a bit. I squinted at it, before saying up again. It twitched. I smiled, at least I was getting somewhere.

Pisces pov

Why. Won't. My. Broom. Respond. To. Me. Gemini's worked perfectly, and so did Virgo's and Fornax's. Luckily, I wasn't the only one having trouble. Caelum and Volans weren't able to make theirs rise either. I looked around to the people outside my house, actually recognizing a few. Two to be exact. Libra and Sagittarius. I remember them from the train and boat. They were having trouble with their brooms too. I even recognized two of the girls who fell into the lake, one of them, the Slytherin on, had her broom in her hand and looked bored, while the other, Hufflepuff one, was practically screaming at hers.

I looked back at my friends group to see that Volans had made his rise, but Caelum was still struggling.

"Up." I said, trying to sound authoritative. It jerked to the side, but didn't come to my hand. I sighed, before trying again, and again, finally getting it on my millionth try. Almost everyone had gotten their brooms by now, and we were told that we will be taught how to properly mount them in our next class, before being dismissed.

I trudged back to school for lunch, just one more class today and then I'd have the rest of the day free. I saw Gemini up ahead with Volans and Caelum, and ran to catch up to them. We went to lunch together, eating quietly before leaving to get our books and whatnot for astrology.


This a/n is kinda importantish, though I don't think it'll be much of a problem if you don't read it lol.

I'm gonna say it here so you guys aren't confused, the constellations I took inspo from for the character names do not exist in here, because astrology class might get a lil, ummm, weird that way. Just pretend they have different names or whatever. since I won't be going into the details during classes, I don't think it'd be much of a problem.

Also, the DADA curse doesn't exist in this story, Ophi will be teaching them throughout. At least that's my plan so far, I might make him quit or something later on, I dunno.

annndddd Imma have a voting system thing for which house wins the quidditch cup or the house cup, whichever house has the most votes will win. I'm doing that since I think it's more fair than me deciding it myself. I'll tell you when the voting starts and stuff, don't go about commenting the votes everywhere, there will be a specified place for it later in the story.

I might not be able to update everyday from now on since my pre-finals are starting today.

Lmao that's all I had to say.

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