chapter 2

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Mysterious guy's Pov

I just came to check restaurant that I newly established with my college friend Gilbert. Since he is fond of restaurants he persuaded me to invest into food industry. Well I got convince though I still new since Im more on real states and investments . The start seems ok and hopefully we can invest on more restaurants.

I was going to the wash room in the middle of my reverie when I felt water sprinkled to me

What the!

I looked at the little young man  staring at me directly with his striking grey eyes. I was a bit facsinated. I suddenly thought that If I will be having a son and he inherited my grey eyes, will he look like this boy?

I shook my head humorously to the idea. Its not in my plan.

"Im sorry sir." The young man said. I'm quite amaze and realized that I am looking intently to him. Gilbert said that I have this look that really scares him a lot. The look that I always use when I am thinking hardly about something or in a business meeting.

I might scare the young man.

"Im sor..."

I switched my view when I heard the voice, it's the only time I noticed he has someone with him, holding him.

A woman.

She was looking at me like she have seen the most scariest thing in her life. I frowned. I don't know why she has a shock look that shows in her mysterious mocha eyes. Like I did something to her.

Why does she looks at me that way?

As far as I am concerned I have'nt seen her anywhere before. Fear reflects on her enticing shocked face.

"I..ah... Sorry.." She stammered.

That's all she says then she quickly tugged the boy away from the washing area like I was someone to be scared of. I was left wondering what had happened. I felt a tap on my shoulder.

"Hey Lucian, you okay? You looked like you've been petrified. What are you looking at?" Gilbert asked while waving his hand infront of my face. I shook my head yet still wondering why the heck she looks scared at me. 

"You sure?" Gilbert asked and I nodded. He seems not yet convinced but still decided to let it go.

"Alright then if you say so, I need to show you something about our progress." Gilbert said and followed him to our office.


"Mia You seemed so tensed up since you came back from the wash room." Carlie inquired. I looked at Shilo who has already fallen asleep at the back of the car and sighed.

"I saw a man at the washroom." I answered in a clipped tone. Carlie looked confused for a while then suddenly was changed into excitement.

"What happened! Did he ask for your number! I told you so it's not too late to find a father for Shilo! " Carlie suddenly became thrilled.

"Carlie!" I chided.

He rolled his eyes at me.

"Oh come on Mia. Sooner than you expected Shilo will ask the where abouts of his father and of course Shilo needs a father figure. Don't ask that from me. I can only be a perfect aunt for Shilo but not a man figure"  Carlie humored while driving. I shooked my head and looked outside the window. Carlie is definitely right. Sooner Shilo will ask about his father or his existence to be more appropriate. I sighed.

"I know. Its getting closer and I dont know how will I be able to handle when that time comes." I confessed. Carlie looked to me and put his hand above mine.

"We will think of a way. Im with you on everything. Okay?" He smiled and focused his eyes on the road.

"Thank you Carlie." I smiled in relief. I don't know what to do if Carlie is not with me.

"So..... What's the deal with this mysterious guy at the wash room?" He asked after a long silence. He smiled wickedly. Of course I know he will not forget about the topic.

I told him about our encounter with the mysterious gray eyed man. How I felt when I saw him looking at Shilo intently.

"OMG!" He freaked out.
I automatically hit him in the arm and looked at Shilo and thankfully that he was not awaken.

"I know its impossible. There are a lot of gray eyed men out there but I never thought encountering with one will be that scary." I sighed. Carlie frowned.

"Why would you be scared? You're thinking that someone will get Shilo to you? Come on we know what we did is legal. They dont have any right with Shilo ok? "  He smiled and focus on the road.

"Yeah you're right." I conceded. I glance at my precious boy at the back seat then look outside the mirror.

I dont know...I feel that something will go wrong.....I hope Im wrong on this feeling..

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