Ch 8 || Second class

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Aries pov

Now we had transfiguration, which I hoped was going to be just as fun as potions. I mean, come on, I got to see Cappy and Scorp covered from head to toe in weird slime. Yes, our potion had ended up overflowing, covering everything in a meter radius at least. Luckily, I had escaped since I was up near the board getting a better look at the instructions.

Now I was walking to transfiguration with Ara and Ceph, Scorp and Cappy, who were still in a foul mood, were completely ignoring me. Me repeatedly trying to reenact the scene wasn't helping, so I decided to go where my talents were appreciated. Currently, Ara and me were imitating Scorp and Cappy while Ceph, who was supposed to be acting like a pissed off Snape, was busy laughing his ass off at us. Before we knew it, we were at transfiguration. I decided to sit with them this time, since Scorp and Cappy still seemed like they weren't going to talk for a while.

The teacher didn't seem to be here yet, but there was a cat on her desk. I scratched it behind the ears before going and taking my seat with the brothers. Soon enough all the tables filled out, we shared this class with Ravenclaw. The tables were supposed to have five students each, (Ik it's not like that in the book, just go with it. I want the zodiacs to mingle a bit so this will make it easier.) so two random boys ended up sitting with us. Not everyone was following the seating arrangement though, I saw a girl drag a chair from one table to another.

"Hi." I said. Both of them just nodded before whispering about god knows what to each other. "Rude." I commented with a pout. Ara chuckled before imitating Cappy again. The three of us burst out laughing while the two Ravenclaws looked at us weirdly.

" good?" asked one of them.

"y- yeea- yahh." Ceph somehow got out between laughter. I took a deep breathe, calming down.

"So you can talk." I said, still fighting to stop myself from bursting out laughing.

"No, that w-"

"Got it. So what's your name?" I interrupted.

"Fornax. That's Virgo."


Just then the cat on the teachers desk turned into a human, and I watched wide-eyed.

Gemini pov

Dude, that cat just turned into a human. Daaammnnnnn. The human introduced herslef as professor McGonagall. I wish I could turn into a cat. Or a fox. Or literally anything. Maybe she'll teach us?

"Today we will learn the transfiguration alphabet and formulae (Yes, those exist. I searched them up, they're part of the first year curriculum). Copy down everything I write on the board, and memorize it, you will be tested on the alphabet in the next class before I explain the formulae."

The class seemed highly boring. All we had to do was copy down stuff. I was at a table with a boy and girl, and Pisces. Curse Volans and Caelum, they found two girls they knew and left us. Overeager baboons. And the girls went with them. More overeager baboons.

"Hey! I don't think I've met you yet." I said to the two kids I didn't know.

"That's cause you haven't." said the boy, the girl didn't even glance at me once.

"ooooookayyyyy. Well, I'm Gemini, this is Pisces, and you are?"

"Someone who doesn't care what your name is."

"Damn bro, that's cold." The boy shot Pisces a look that shut him up. After that we kind of just focused on writing stuff down, the silence was weighing heavily on me.

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