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Ana took a deep breath as Christian entered the spacious office from her private elevator.

“What is this,” Ana asked, indicating to the pile of paperwork spread out before her. Christian looked at the pile briefly before looking back at her.

“Lies, all lies,” was his succint response.

She looks up into her fifty's eyes, searching for answers, the truth, anything that would make this trouble go away.

“But the FBI is saying you've been hiding debt, making the company look like it was doing well,” she kept her gaze level, not willing to drop it, yet.

“It's all a fraud. That bitch head account went and betrayed us,” anger radiated from him.

“It looks like it been going on far longer than that,” Ana rifled through the thick stack. “Back to before we even met,” she held up an old balance sheet before letting it drop back to the table. “Why would she even do such a thing? I thought everything was fine after the end of the arrangement. Was it?”

Christian ran his hands through his thinning hair, and sat down. Ana reached across her desk to rest her hand on his. A band aid was stuck to the back of it “It was. She got her payoff and promotion, I got you back. She seemed fine,”

Ana sighed. Her third preganancy had been awful. Her cervix had given up the ghost and the doctors had warned her, no sex. It took three days for Christian to become incorrigable. Fearful of a rage, she had allowed her husband to talk her into getting a temporary sub.

Mary Jenkins from accounting had fit the bill.

The labour had been worse. A lot of blood and a hysterectomy. Thankfully, her ovaries were left and baby Chris was okay but it had laid her up in bed for weeks. Christian had seemed distracted the entire time, visiting her for scant minutes and claiming he had to take care of business.

“Pity, I can't have you bare foot and pregnant anymore,” he had joked at the time.

Ana bit her lip. Christian's breath hitched. 'How are we going to fix this,' she said slowly.

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