Ch 7 || First class of the year

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Scorpio pov

So, we have potions. Yay. I quickly went to my dorm with Ara and Ceph to grab our books. Then we met up with the four girls, breaking into groups as we walked towards the other side of the dungeons, where our class would be. I was walking with Capricorn, a little ways behind Aries, Ceph and Ara who were talking about god knows what. I could hear the other two girls busy exchanging tea behind us.

"so, potions huh?" I said, trying to break the silence.

"I wonder what we'll do."

"Me too."

"It sounds too much like chemistry for me." Aries butted in from nowhere.

"Flying lessons sound so much more fun." Ara agreed, falling back a bit to join us. We had those later during the day.

"I bet you thirty bucks Aries won't be able to get her feet off the ground." I said, smirking.


"You're on!"

"I hate you guys." Aries said, before running up to where Ceph had reached while they were talking to us. I heard a quiet chuckle beside me, it was Cappy.

"Oh my gods, did you just show a sign of happiness?" I dramatically clutched my heart. "Who would hav-"

"Shut up." She slapped my arm, and I started laughing. Ara laughed before running and catching up with his brother too.

The rest of our perilous journey was quite uneventful, and before we knew it we were in potions. The teacher was no where to be seen, so we just spread out over a few tables, since it was three people per table at max. I sat with Aries and Capricorn, the brothers sat together, and the girls sat together. I suddenly noticed two familiar looking people enter the class. I nudged Cappy and Aries, before pointing to the people who had just entered. Cappy shrank back against her seat while Aries perked up. She balled up a bit of parchment and threw it at them, trying to get her attention.

"What are you doing?" Cappy hissed at her.

"I have no idea." She said, balling up another piece of parchment.

"Do you ever?" I heard Cappy mutter under her breath. This time, Aries didn't miss, and the ball hit the boy on the shoulder.

Cancer pov

Just as I took a seat next to Leo, I felt something hit the back of my shoulder. I turned around to see the girl from yesterday night, Aries, waving at me, while the other girl, Capricorn was banging her head against the table. The boy, Scorpio was looking at us creepily.

"Hey, Leo, look." I said, grabbing her attention. She turned back to see them too, before scoffing and turning back around. What's up with her?

"Hey, that wasn't very nice." I observed.

"I'm not very nice." I sighed at her behavior.

"What did they do?"

"Nothing, except our houses aren't supposed to get along, they are rivals, which means we should stay away from them."

"Who told you that?"

"Some seniors."

"But-" I was interrupted by the arrival of the professor. He introduced himself as Professor Snape, and immediately gave us a potion to make. He wrote the instructions on the board and told us to get to it. I sighed and walked up to his desk to grab the ingredients, and on my way back I saw Leo giving the Slytherins dirty looks. I sat in my place again, and we got started on the potion.

Soon it was time to add the final ingredient and see how it turned out. I saw Libra put it in her and Aquila's cauldron, and their potion had pink smoke coming from it. They did it correct. Professor Snape just nodded at them. Then he moved onto the next two, which were the cousins I was sharing a dorm with. Their potion exploded all over the place and they got twenty points deducted from Gryffindor. Then it was some other two boys' turn, they got a dark blue shade, which the professor deemed worthless. It went so on, till it was our turn. I nervously put in the last ingredient, and some pink gas did rise, even if it was only a little. Just as I was about to smile, the potion exploded in our faces, and we got negative marking too.

"That was so not fair, Professor Snape is biased. The Slytherins didn't get marks deducted when they got it wrong." Leo complained. I could see that she was right, and shot them a dirty look before remembering that I was the one wanting to be friends with them. The Professor told us the potion was called cure for boils potion, and that we had to write a three foot essay on how to make it, it's properties, where to find the ingredients etc.

I could hear people groan all around me, and silently cursed the fact that we already had an essay to write.

------------------Now for the defense against the dark arts lesson------------------

Virgo pov

I quickly finished my breakfast and headed to class early so that I don't get roped into any conversations. To my surprise, I found Fornax already sitting at a table, reading his book. I quietly took the seat next to him, pulling out my own book to read.

"What are you reading?" He asked.

"A book." He actually chuckled at that.

"I meant which book."

"I know."

"So which book are you reading?"

"It's called The Tower of Nero." (Damn I really wanna read it but I'm currently grounded which means no new books *cries*)

"it's a good book."

"You've read it?"

"Of course I have, I am a man of culture." He stated with the hint of a grin. I laughed, he wasn't as annoying as the other people I suppose. People slowly trickled into the class, but I was too busy talking about my favorite books with Fornax to notice them or pay them any heed. That was until the professor walked in, and all chatter died down. He started writing something on the board, and just as he was turning around to let us see what it was, the Hufflepuff kids entered. I noticed Aqua was one of them, and internally sighed, knowing he would try talking to me.

Aquarius pov

As soon as we were done stuffing ourselves, we rushed back to the dorms to grab our books before running all the way to our class, hoping we weren't late. Luckily, we were on time, sort of. The professor was already there, standing in front of the board. His name was written behind him.

Professor Ophiuchus (Surprise, He's not the bad guy)

"I am professor Ophiuchus, and I shall be teaching you defense against the dark arts. All of you who just entered, take a seat and put away your books, today we will only chat."

I went and sat down in the closest seat, and ended up sitting next to Lacerta, behind Virgo and some other boy.

"Heyyyy, how's it going?" I asked, making finger guns at Virg. He just ignored me and focused on the professor, who was saying something about our syllabus. "Alright so you're just going to ignore me?" again, no response. I sighed and snapped my attention to the professor too.

"... is that clear? Good. Now we shall have introductions. Let's start with you." He pointed to a girl, who introduced herself as Gemini. The boy next to her introduced himself as Caelum, and the ones behind her were Volans and Pisces. The girls behind them were Delphinus and Hydra, and the boy sitting with Virgo was called Fornax. By the time the others in my house introduced themselves, class was almost over. Professor Ophiuchus let us off early, telling us to relax a bit before our next class, which was History of Magic.

I practically dragged Sagi and Lace (Lacerta lol) back to our dorm to get the books for the next class, with the girls right behind us. Then we just sort of hung out? for a while before heading to history of Magic.



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