A Serpent and His Rose [This Means War]

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"Andy." you heard. You woke up to find Tammy and Kasey both kneeling beside your bed and looking up at you with wide eyes.

"What?" you asked, turning over.

"We know you and Draco broke up." Tammy said.

"Uh huh." you mumbled into your pillow. Kasey took hold of your arm and turned you over.

"Andy! What happened?"

"What time is it?" you asked. They looked at each other, not sure what to do.


"You two got up at 5 in the morning to grill me? Wow you have no lives." you said.
They both looked hurt by your words, but you really didn't care. You got up and went straight into the bathroom, slamming the door closed. You turned to your reflection in the mirror, and you mentally scolded yourself. You knew this would get messed up. It was Draco fucking Malfoy for crying out loud! You began brushing your teeth, the strokes of your toothbrush hard and consistent. You spit when you were done and opened the door to find the dorm empty. You dressed in your uniform for your first class. Draco came to your mind, so you hiked up your skirt a little more just to torment him on what he missed out on because he was such a man whore. You walked past all the Slytherins in the common room without a word. You knew they all knew that you and Draco broke up, which meant they would only have questions. You walked to the Great Hall slowly, since you were pretty early. When you got there you chose to sit alone, even when Tammy, Kasey, and Blaise were already there. They stopped talking when you walked past them, but you didn't care that they were talking about you. You bit into the toast that appeared on your plate and gazed around the hall. Only a couple groups were scattered around the tables. You finished you toast quickly, hoping to escape before everyone else got down for breakfast.

You pulled your bag over your shoulder and walked around the front in order to avoid Slytherin eyes. You weren't sure why you wanted to avoid them so much, but it just didn't feel right to be social right now. You were at the end of the tables between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff when you noticed Harry, Ron, and Hermione walking toward the Gryffindor table. They seemed to be in very deep conversation and didn't even notice you.

"Er... Hi, Harry." you said quietly. He looked up and smiled, while Ron and Hermione gaped.

"Hey... What are you doing over here?" he asked, looking back to the Slytherins.

"I just... don't know really." you said. Then you saw Draco and Felicia walk into the Great Hall. You sucked in a breath as they walked to Blaise. Draco bent down as Blaise said something to him and pointed in your direction. He looked up toward you and you both made eye contact. You searched his face, but it wasn't very readable. You tested this by moving closer to Harry. His face twisted from hurt to anger very quickly and to your surprise he turned away from you and toward Felicia. You watched as he took her in his arms, kissing her, his eyes still on you. You looked away quickly, blinking in an effort to keep the newly formed tears from escaping your eyes..

"I should go..." you trailed off, before pushing past Harry and his friends and leaving the Great Hall. You felt your bag slip and your stuff fell to the floor. You got down on your knees and began stuffing your books back in your bag, silent tears sliding down your cheeks. You saw a book being handed to you and you looked up to see Harry kneeling next to you. You quickly wiped your cheeks before taking the book.

"Thanks." you said quietly as you picked up your bag and sat it on your lap.

"Wow..." he said.


"Not more than a month ago you were the princess of Slytherin. I've never seen you like this. Ever."

"You and the rest of the world." you said, smiling.

"He really messed you up, didn't he?" he asked, sitting down next to you.

"Well..." you began, but you couldn't really put it into words. "I guess I was asking for it. I mean, it's Draco Malfoy." you said, repeating your thoughts from that morning.

"No... Something else is wrong. You wouldn't be like this if you were expecting it." he said. You looked down at your hands.

"I guess, I thought he might have changed. I--" but you broke off, feeling a lump form in your throat. You couldn't believe you were about to unload everything on a boy you barely know, but you couldn't help it. "He's the first guy I've opened myself up to. He changed... He really did." you said softly. Then you looked at Harry in the eyes. "I don't want to have that wall anymore. I don't want to be the Slytherin bitch anymore. It was nice not being that." you finished, tears falling again.

"You don't have to be." he whispered.

"Yes I do! I have to be worse now!" you exploded. "Because he's attacking me. You saw that, right? I wasn't even kissing you or anything. He wants to hurt me because he was the one who got dumped!"

"You dumped--"

"But no!" you continued, cutting him off. "He cheats, and I break up with him! And somehow he's still winning!!!!!" you finished, leaning against the wall. You heard the doors open and students began filing out to go to their classes. You wiped away your tears quickly, feeling their eyes burning into you. Every kid saw you and Harry and began whispering. You got up and pulled your bag over your shoulder.


"I've got to go." you said quickly, then went off in the opposite direction, back toward the Slytherin common room. You ran up to your dorm and threw your stuff on the bed, taking off your uniform and tossing it to the ground.

*    *    *    *

The air felt nice against your face as you ran around the Quidditch pitch. During classes it was always empty so you chose to work out there. It always helped you clear your head when you had fights with your parents over dancing, so you figured it would work for this. But it didn't. It just made you think more. About how you opened up to him. About how you had once considered letting him be your first. You didn't know how many times you ran around that pitch before you collapsed in the center, looking up at the sky. Once you caught your breath you stood up and tried to remember the steps to the beginning of your showcase piece. It used to be etched in your mind so clearly, but now you needed to focus so hard on it to get even one step. Your body ached as you went through it slowly, and you cursed yourself for not working out more. You eventually gave up, mostly because you needed a partner.

You picked up your stuff and walked out of the stadium, seeing people scattered across the grass. You guessed it was lunchtime, so you put a sweater over your sports bra and walked to the castle. You managed to make it to the common room without too many people noticing you. You went up to your dorm and dropped your stuff next to your discarded uniform. You turned on the shower and got in quickly, letting the water fall on your face. It felt so good to dance again. You blocked all thoughts when you danced, and you only heard the music that was in your head. That's when you decided. No more Draco, no more drama. Just dance. That was all that was important. It sounded simple enough, as you thought it. Getting out of the shower and pulling a towel around you, it all came together in your mind. Just dance and you'll be fine. But you looked at your reflection and knew you were lying to yourself. From experience you know... Nothing is ever that simple.

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