A Serpent and His Rose [Fighting Fire With Fire]

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You spent the rest of Christmas break trying to not think about Draco. You spent most of your time working out at the studio, much to your father's displeasure.

"Ouch!" you shouted when you hit the hard dance floor. You had fallen from one of the many lifts in the choreography Jason had come up with while you were away at school.

"Sorry." he said, helping you up. You stood slowly and rubbed your butt.

"Yeah, it's only hardwood." you said angrily.

"Woah, attitude much? I've dropped you loads of times before." he mentioned.

"Yeah... sorry. Let's try it again." you said, wiping your forehead free of sweat and wiping your hand on your shorts. You took a breath before running forward. You felt your feet lift from the ground as Jason picked you up. It was perfect. You loved the choreography he thought of. He set you down and you hugged him.

"It's great!" you said, sitting down and taking a drink of water.

"Thanks. I think that's enough for today." he said, getting a drink himself.

"What? I'm not tired!" you said, getting up again.

"Well I am." he said. "And I think you are pushing yourself a little too hard."

"No I'm not!" you said defensively. He raised an eyebrow, but you stood firm.

"Whatever you say. Just keep working out at school and we'll be fine." he said. You nodded, hating that he reminded you that you would be going back tomorrow. You frowned and picked up your stuff, walking out of the studio. You could have called for a ride, but you wanted to walk. The breeze felt nice, and you liked walking outside. When you made it up to your house you dropped your bag on the floor next to the front door with a loud thud.

"Pick that up and take it straight up to your room, missy!" you heard your mother yell from the kitchen. You sighed and picked the bag up, lugging it up the stairs. When you came back down, the table was set for lunch. You sat, picking up the sandwich that was put on your plate and taking a bite.

"How was rehearsal?" you mom asked, smiling as she sat next to you.

"Fine." you said, taking another bite. When you finished chewing, you continued. "Jason came up with some great choreography. We are going to kill at the showcase." you said. Your mother's smile faltered. You rolled your eyes, aware of the fact that she agreed with your father in terms of your future. She didn't point her views out though, because she loves thinking she's "friends" with her daughter. She isn't.

"Well that's lovely honey. So, you all set to go back to school?" she asked.

"Uh huh." you muttered. Your father walked into the room and sat across from you. You ate the rest of your food silently. When you got up, they didn't stop you. You fell onto your bed, looking up at the ceiling. Tomorrow you would be going back to Hogwarts. That was just bloody fantastic.

*    *    *    *

The morning was the same as it always was after Christmas break. Justin was making loud noises while packing, forcing you to get up early. You ate breakfast and got ready with only minutes to spare. And now you were on the train to Hogwarts. You managed to avoid the evil that is your ex-boyfriend barely, only by ducking into a compartment. Which brings you to the present, where you were sitting with Harry Potter.

"Er..." he said, looking at you weirdly.

"Look, I only came in here to avoid this asshole--"

"Draco Malfoy?" he asked.

"I-- Yeah! How did you know?" you asked, turning towards him to give him your full attention.

"I usually assume it's him whenever the word asshole is used." he said, smiling. You laughed, then felt bad. Here you were, laughing with Harry Potter. If only your friends could see you...

"Thanks for not throwing me out the second I came in though."

"Oh no problem. Even though the place is SO packed." he said, gesturing towards the empty compartment.

"Oh yeah. Haha. I'd figure Harry Potter would be surrounded by friends. Where are the other 2 in your group?" you asked.

"They have things to do..." he trailed off. You sensed some personal issue with this, so you changed topics.

"I see. We are one in the same." you said, sitting back in your seat and looking out the window. Then an idea came to you. Draco would be furious if you were with Harry at all. It would absolutely kill him...

"Harry, you don't like Draco right?" you asked.

"What kind of a question is that?" he asked, looking at you like you were stupid. You just smiled.

"Come with me!" you said, taking his hand and pulling him out of the compartment.

"Woah-- where exactly are we going?" he asked as you pulled him down the corridor. You turned around and that's when you saw Draco. He was coming out of a compartment no more than 3 feet away. You saw him start to turn and in panic you pulled Harry to you and crashed your lips to his. You knew he was shocked, since you were too. But the hatred that you felt towards Draco overpowered you. After a second, to your complete surprise, Harry kissed back. You were glad, because it made it so much more believable. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him closer, hugging your body to his. His arms rested on your hips and you felt his tongue flick at your lips. You found your mouth opening. You had to admit, that Weasley girl taught him well. Suddenly Harry jolted away from you. You opened your eyes to find that Harry hadn't jolted away, but was pulled away.

"DRACO! STOP!!" you screamed, pulling Draco away from Harry. Draco's fist made contact with Harry's stomach one last time before you pulled him away. "What the hell is wrong with you!!!" you said, kneeling down next to Harry.

"ME?!?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING KISSING POTTER!" he shouted back. You stood and looked him straight in the eye.

"It's none of your business who I kiss! I'm not yours anymore, Draco! You threw that away the second you slept with that SLUT!" you shouted. He paused for a moment, studying your face, before he narrowed his eyes angrily.

"Don't talk about my fiance like that." he said coldly. You felt your body stiffen. How could he say that? You were speechless. You just turned and kneeled next to Harry again, who was now sitting up. Draco either had to leave or felt he should, but either way he did.

"Harry... I'm sorry. I shouldn't have..." you began quietly, but you felt tears forming in your eyes. His look of shock and anger had disappeared that very second. He didn't seem very sure of what to do, but you helped him by hugging him. It was awkward, but it helped.

"If it helps, you’re a pretty damn good kisser." he said. You couldn't help but laugh.

"You're not too bad yourself Potter."

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