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Kash Dolls POV
Hey Guys! I'm Makena Aka The Rapper/Model Kash Doll😌💅I'm 21 And My Past Relationships Have Been Like Hell💯I've Been Lied To Cheated On And So On...My Dad Has Passed Away A Couple Of Months Ago Me And My Mom Kesha Have Been Depressed Ever Since I Can Tell She's Still Hurt.Its Pretty Hard...I Miss Him So Much He Always The Right Person And Was So Kind...I'm Finally Out Of School And Free Bitches!Im Omw To Club Diamondz With My Bitches Kendra,Jazmine and Nyah And The Twins Nyah And Natalie😈

Tray POV
Hey Y'all What It Do?💂Y'all Probably Know Me As The Biggest Drug Lord In The Big D!Im 6'8 Lightskin With Braces And I Love Money And The Ladies And Yea I'm 23 Yall😏Now Omw To Club Diamondz With My Dawgs Jordan,Kevin,King,Dontae,And Terron.

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