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I turned towards the voice calling out my name. What is he doing here?

"Sorry, who are you?" Oliver said on my behalf. I bit my lip trying not to let my laugh slip out. I don't know why the scene looked so funny to me. It looked like my long lost lover coming back to the city and seeing me with a new guy.

"He's my friend," I replied. The whole conversation seemed so awkward in the moment. I grabbed Isabella's arm and whispered to her about going out for ice cream.

"Okay, nice seeing you here," I said one more time before waving and turning around to leave. There was an ice cream parlour nearby that I really wanted to try but I didn't know if it was open at the moment.

Our quartet walked towards the ice cream parlour as we talked. It was very interesting, because if we were in school we'd probably never even interact once.

We were all just part of different cliques I guess. I preferred doing lots of networking and never stayed in a friend group for long. While they preferred to just quietly stay around in their friend groups.

I knew exactly what I wanted to be in 10 years' time, while they were still discovering their talents and interests. We were all at vastly different points in our lives and I found it nice to listen to them talk for a while. Listening to life as a teenager from a different perspective.

When we finally reached the ice cream parlour, it was closed. I took a photo of their schedule so that I could come again when they were actually open.

"Are you guys still free? We could go to the park nearby?" Izzy suggested.

"I'm free for the rest of the day, do you guys want to hang out until we receive our results?" I replied. Everyone agreed as they too didn't have any plans for the day.

I was just happy to be out of the house for the day, my hearing was slowly but surely deteriorating from listening to my neighbour shout every single day.

We talked about school and gossiped about the popular kids. They were a very interesting topic to talk about as they technically broke so many laws but got out of it because of their connections.

"Y/N, L/N has been accepted into Mills Grove School. Transfer paper score: 100%."

I brought the phone up to everyone's eye level and showed the text to everyone.

"Damn, got a 96!" Izzy said as she showed me her phone screen.

"98%," Jacob said as he scrolled through the whole email introduction sent by the school.

Izzy looked at Oliver's screen and her eyes widened. Curious, I looked over at his screen.

Transfer paper score: 88%

"Hey at least you were accepted!" I said trying to give my warmest smile. He smiled back but it very obviously didn't reach his eyes.

We all went home as the sun started to go down.

"Dinner next door, we won't be home"

I looked at the text sent by my parents as I walked towards my home. The lyrics to my favourite song start to play. The song flows through my earpiece like water flowing down a waterfall.

Mum and daddy aren't in love
That's fine, I'll settle for two birthdays

I reached the doorbell to my neighbours' house. They were really nice people, they had the warmth of a real family. They always took me in when my parents weren't home. Which was probably most of my childhood, so I felt incredibly indebted to them for all they have done for me.

"Hi dear, Tom's upstairs please call him down," His mother said to me as she set the table. I went up to his room and knocked his door telling him that dinner was ready.

"I'LL BE DOWN IN A MINUTE!" He shouted back at me. He was definitely streaming assuming from the volume of his reply.

I quickly went back down to take a seat at the table.

"So how was your transfer examination?" His father asked me. I stuffed the food into my mouth as I took my phone out of my pocket to show him the email.

"One hundred? Amazing dear!" He said as he tilted the phone to show Tommy's mother. They both started to read through the email details.

"Hi Y/N, how was the examination?" Tommy asked as he took the seat next to mine.

"Good," I said as I stuffed a spoonful of beans into my mouth.

"So why didn't you mention that you were transferring to my school?" He quizzed.

"Thought you knew," I again replied not looking up at him. My parents spent more time talking to his parents than to me, their child.

When I finished the meal, I helped to wash the dishes before going back to my house to wash up before sleeping.

I was fairly bored, so I started going through social media. I was pretty well known in our area, mainly because of the fact that I used to hang out with the famous kids.

So I didn't have a small following at all. However, my main goal was to see how everyone else was doing.

Everyone seemed to be doing fine and getting into the next best schools in the area. There were some people who stopped posting, to which I could only assume that they were involved in the cheating cases.

"NO!" I heard a shout from next door. Oh my, he has started his stream again. I was quite curious about what he streamed to be honest. I pulled up twitch on my computer and started to watch his stream.

His whole screen appeared on mine, with a little face camera on the left side of the screen.

He streams Minecraft, interesting.

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